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The More The Better! Who says weddings have to be small and simple? Weddings are about having fun and celebrating it no matter what your style is like. Enjoy your day your way, even it is with lots and lots of details!  Rolling up in a horse and carriage to your wedding will have you feeling like a princess who just found her prince charming!  Another trend in big weddings is having your venue at an older charming mansion. Your guests will be wowed with all of the old and enchanting details the place as to offer! Don’t be afraid
It’s All About YOU! Your day, your wedding, your story…make it about YOU by incorporating personal aspects into your special day! Details! Details! Details! 2020 wedding season is quickly approaching! Now more than ever, planning a wedding is all about thinking outside the box! First things first, ask yourselves: what do you as an individual and you as a couple LOVE (besides each other of course!!). Maybe it’s a place, a movie, a sport…whatever it is, why not include it in your wedding?!? At the end of the day, it’s your special day! It just makes sense to incorporate the things
Under the Sea Wedding Stuck on some wedding theme ideas? Here is an idea that will help spark some interest in you and your partner. Incorporating an under the sea theme and having your venue at an aquarium will enchant your guests and have you and your new partner feeling like powerful creatures of the sea.  Having your wedding at an aquarium is a fun and charming way for you and your guests to make the evening special. The fish tanks are picture perfect backdrops for your friends and family to enjoy all night long.  Including blues and whites will
Make Your Wedding Festive Summer time has so many events going on. We have graduations, weddings, and holidays that keep us partying all summer long. If you plan on having a summer wedding, incorporating Fourth of July is a fun and simple theme that everyone can get into. From having sparklers to fireworks to red, white, and blue decorations, your wedding will be a celebration of your lifetime of love and a little bit of America too. One way to make your Fourth of July wedding stand out is having a red, white, and blue color scheme. Incorporate some blue
Plan Hard, Play Hard Planning your wedding can be a stressful time, but your wedding day shouldn’t be stressful. Having games is a great way for you and your guests to enjoy the evening. Some people like to dance and other people like to sit on the side lines, but having some games at your party will let those non-dancers to have a good time too. Groomsmen share a special bond. They are your boys and have stood by many milestones with you and now will stand with you at one of your biggest milestones. As weddings can also be