The Ultimate Fall Wedding Color Guide!: The busiest most beautiful wedding season is approaching us and with that comes so many choices to make! Let’s take a look at the most perfect color palette for that cozy autumn ceremony…


When most people think about autumn, oranges/yellows tend to come to mind. It’s the staple fall colors we see in pumpkins and fallen leaves! Whether you decide to go for something lighter in color or a deeper more burnt look, you are sure to have that fall feeling! Check out some of the bouquets we’ve done that give off that enchanting glow:


Autumn is all about those smooth, soft colors so some gorgeous purple and redish hues fall right into this category! While these colors are luscious, they also give a subtle pop to any wedding bouquet! See some examples below of these stunning tones:


Roses are a classic, but why not spice things up with a sunflower and/or daisy? These incredible, versatile flowers are a great addition to any bouquet or centerpiece! Throw in some touches of nature with greens, yellows, and oranges…and voila!; You now have the perfect wedding florals! Look at these gorgeous examples:

I am absolutely OBSESSED with these fall colors! We have burnt oranges, bright yellows, deep reds, dainty purples with touches of whites, greens and blues to tie it all together! As someone who has declared myself an autumn girl, I know for sure I will be incorporating these colors into my wedding ceremony/reception the day it rolls around! Remember, have fun and stay cozy!

XOXO, Sydney

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