Fun Add-On’s For Your Wedding Reception: Give your after-party a unique and creative twist with one or more of these fun add-on’s that are sweeping the wedding reception scene!

Champagne Wall

An incredibly awesome and unique way to serve drinks to your guests is…through a wall? That’s right! So many couples are opting for a beautiful greenery wall that allows guests to pick up a glass of fizzy goodness right from someone’s hand! This idea has such luxurious vibes to it and will definitely spruce up and add a touch of class to any wedding reception!

Credit: Google on Pinterest

Live Painter

Everybody has photographers at the reception to catch the fun all night long, but what about something a bit more personal? Live painters are all the rage right now! These magnificent artists capture your love on canvas and leave you with a stunning portrait to take home at night when all of the festivities are over. A truly elegant add-on if you ask me!

Credit: Gandalf’s Gallery via Flickr

Ballet Dancers

Following the theme of class and elegance, we have to talk about ballet dancers! Play some classical music like “Swan Lake” or “The Nutcracker” and watch these dancers take the floor with their mesmerizing moves. There’s truly nothing like live entertainment from these professionals who live to perform their impressive (and difficult) routines!

Credit: PxHere

Tarot Card Reader

You don’t have to be an astrology expert to enjoy a reading! Open your heart/mind and let the experts uncover the past, tell the present and predict the future with a colorful stack of divine cards. When guests need a break from dancing their shoes off, they can head on over to learn more about themselves and what’s to come!

Credit: CottonBro Studios via Pexels

Poetry Writer

A simple and meaningful add-on for any wedding reception is a live poetry writer! These inspired poets create unique custom poems immediately for any guests who requests so! Whether they want a specific topic or just say “surprise me!”, these poems are a perfect sentimental keepsake. Remember, you don’t have to be super flashy to make an impact on your beloved guests!

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I’m absolutely obsessed with these reception add-on’s! Personally, I really want to leave a lasting impact on my wedding guests that have them remembering my special night for years to come. Whether you choose one of these or decide up something completely new, I’m positive that your guests will be in awe with your totally creative reception unlike anything they’ve ever seen before!

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