Fall-Themed Wedding Favors: The best wedding season is approaching! Outside is getting chilly and the beautiful leaves are changing…so why not change it up and surprise your guests with some autumn-inspired goods!

1. Apple Butter

A tasty treat that’s hard to beat…it’s apple butter! One of my absolute fall-favorites is this spreadable preserve made of apples (of course), cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and allspice. This is a delicious way to thank your guests for coming out to celebrate your day of love! You can either make it from scratch, get it online or buy from a local farmer’s market. Either which way you decide, everyone is bound to love it!

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

2. Maple Syrup

Staying on the sticky and sweet side, another tasty option for a fall-themed wedding favor is maple syrup! A perfect option for those guests with a sweet tooth (like me 😉 ). Whether you put it on pancakes, waffles or bake it into other treats; this is the perfect favor to honor the autumnal season. BensSugarShack.com is the ultimate website to grab some maple syrup in the cutest leaf-shaped glass bottles along with some other incredible maple-flavored goods!

Credit: Ian Mackenzie via Flickr

3. Honey Jars

Following the sugar train, we have honey jars! A bee-utiful favor for your special day that is buzzing with love! There’s so many types of flavored artisanal honey’s to choose from which gives you the amazing option of variety. Honey also has incredible benefits such as being an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant/antibacterial agent and so much more thus making it deeply versatile! Reach out to a local honey farm or buy online to get your hands on this tasty treat!

Credit: PickPik

4. Spiced Soap

Not looking to go down the sugar road? No worries, I got you covered! A useful and wonderfully scented option is spiced soaps that radiate all the best fall spices such as allspice, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, apple, pumpkin etc. These are some of my favorite scents which I think are so relaxing and definitely puts me into the fall spirit! Tip: Handmade soaps are the best! Browse through Etsy or local shops to find some and support these awesome soap artists!

Credit: Hippopx

5. Pumpkin-Scented Candles

If you’re like me, you are OBSESSED with candles and autumn! So why not combine the two? Instead of the pumpkin spice latte, try a pumpkin spice candle instead and allow your guests to let the smell of the season light up their home! Everyone knows that Autumn = Pumpkins, so it’s crucial to include this staple scent into your special day. Just like the soaps, handmade candles are the way to go! Scroll through Etsy or check out any local street market to find these makers!

Credit: Людмила Шалимова via Pexels

As you can probably tell, fall is my favorite season! I’m also all about usefulness which is why I will definitely want to use one or more of these wedding favors once my special day comes around. Whether you decide to have your wedding in autumn or just want to try something different, these favor options are sure to impress your guests!

XOXO, Sydney

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