Top 5 Creative Guest Book Alternatives: Ditch the traditional binded book and try out some fun alternatives to mix things up!

1. Signed Polaroid Pictures

A great way to literally capture the moment! Set up a table with a few instant polaroid cameras, a slotted box, and some colorful sharpies to allow your guests to take their own up-close shots. At the end of the night, you’ll have some heartfelt and silly pics that are signed by all of your loved ones! Amazon, Walmart and Target are a few places where you can purchase these classic cameras.📷

Credit: Shimelle Laine via Flickr

2. Leave a Voicemail

Forget written words, try spoken! One of the hottest new wedding trends is having your guests leave you a personalized voicemail through a retro phone ~ so groovy if you ask me! This type of guest book alternative leaves you with a lasting memory that you can put on repeat again and again. “After the Tone” and “At the Beep” are two companies to definitely check out for renting these devices for your special day!☎️

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3. Postcard Letter Box

A really fun option for those who love to travel and see the world is a postcard letter box! With this guest book alternative, a small stand is set up with a variety of different postcards from around the world. Guests can then choose their favorite postcard, write a message, and then drop it into a cute customized mailbox adorned with the happy couple’s names and wedding date. A great alternative choice for those adventurers!📬

Credit: PickPik

4. Anniversary Wine Bottles

Nothing says romance like a bottle of wine! A really creative and fun way to receive messages from your guests is for them to sign anniversary wine bottles for you and your significant other to open and enjoy together when the milestones are met! This can include a variety of special wines laid out to be signed, each representing 1-year, 5-year, 10-year, 20-year etc. or however you may desire so you can enjoy not only the delicious wine but also the sweet messages as well for years to come! Make sure you reach out to a winery to find out which wines are best for this aging process.🍾

Credit: Pxfuel

5. Board Game Pieces

Want something that you can continually use on a regular basis instead of sitting in storage? Look no further! Many couples are using board game pieces such as Jenga blocks and Monopoly boards to represent their playful love. These game pieces will be perfect to play with whether on a rainy day or just a cozy date night in! You will get to enjoy quality time with your spouse while also reminicising on your wedding day with all the beautiful messages left by your loved ones!🎲

Credit: Chris B via Flickr

Whether you decide to stay traditional or try out one of these unique alternatives, I think a guest book is an amazing thing to have at a wedding. It’s a collection of heartfelt messages from the closest, most meaningful people in your life! Be it days, weeks or even years after the wedding day, you will be left with a forever memory that radiates love and joy at your fingertips❤️

XOXO, Sydney

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