Creating an Environmentally-Friendly Wedding:

Show your love for each other while also showing a little love to the planet in 4 simple and effective ways!

Credit: Hải Thanh via Pexels

1. Send Out Sustainable Invitations

Every year, 250 million wedding invitations are sent out in the U.S. That’s a lot of paper waste! Why not help cut back and use an alternative material that’s both cute, useful and won’t end up in the trash. Seed paper is a biodegradable material that sprouts flowers once its planted in a pot of soil and leaves you with a lasting, beautiful memory embedded with love! Botanical Paperworks and ForeverFiances have a plethora of choices in seed paper to make a lasting impact on both you and your guests.

Credit: Akil Mazumder via Pexels

2. Use Local Flora in Bouquets and Arrangements

Each part of the world has flora that is native to the land and the best way to protect it is by not using foreign flowers and greenery that could be invasive and detrimental to both the land and the wildlife. Protect your love and protect the planet by considering using flora native to your wedding location in order to ensure the welfare of the surrounding environment, especially if you are having an outdoor wedding. The National Wildlife Federation website has a feature called the Native Plants Finder which identifies native flowers, trees, etc. by zipcode for anywhere in the U.S. and will definitely come in handy on the big day!

3. Have Biodegradable Confetti

In many weddings, the happy couple is often showered with rice, flowers, and all different kinds of sparkly displays of affection. Unfortunately these things litter our planet, add on to waste, and risk the health of wildlife that may come along and ingest it. A beautiful and fun alternative exists through biodegradable confetti that is compostable and doesn’t leave a lasting effect on the Earth. Depending on the season and/or your wedding theme, petal or leaf confetti { native to the land of course 😉 } is a great way to celebrate that is both eco-friendly and stunning. You can either buy online or use a hole-punch on some flowers/leaves if you consider yourself a DIY-er!

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4. Incorporate a Tree Planting Unity Ceremony

An interactive and meaningful way to show your love for one another and for the planet is by having a tree planting unity ceremony! The ceremony is done at a table near the altar and just like the name, the couple plants a small tree together to symbolize the joining together of two individuals or the joining of two families. Each partner has their own small bucket of soil & a trowel and together they take turns filling up a large pot that contains a tree sapling that they will then water as a couple with one watering can. This sapling can then be transferred to the couple’s new home where it will continue to sprout and represent their growing love.

Credit: The Knot

As someone who is passionate for sustainability, I know for sure I will be implementing some of these methods when my own big day comes around! My heart will be overflowing with joy and love knowing that I can leave a small positive impact on the Earth with my forever partner right by my side. Remember, even the little things matter!

XOXO, Sydney

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