A unique wedding venue offers an opportunity to create a memorable and distinctive experience for both the couple and their guests. It stands out from traditional wedding venues and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who attends! Unique venues allow for more creativity in terms of decoration, layout, and theme. Adding personalization can make the wedding feel more authentic and reflective of the couple’s personalities and interests. The excitement of experiencing a wedding in an unexpected or unusual setting adds a sense of novelty. It breaks away from the norm and adds an element of surprise for everyone attending. So why not change it up and consider a unique venue! 

1.) The Park Loft. Location: Oceanport, NJ. Capacity: 200 Guests

2.) Porta. Locations: Asbury Park, Montclair, & Jersey City. Capacity: Multiple rooms vary capacity.

3.) White Chapel Projects. Location: Long Branch, NJ. Capacity: 20-250

4.) Maritime Parc. Location: Jersey City, NJ. Capacity: Multiple rooms vary capacity.

5.) House of Independents. Location: Asbury Park, NJ. Capacity: Unknown.

6.) Felina. Location: Ridgewood, NJ. Capacity: Unknown.

7.) Mallard Island Yacht Club. Location: Manahawkin, NJ. Capacity: 250

8.) Updike Farmstead. Location: Princeton, NJ. Capacity: 200.

9.) Davids Country Inn. Location: Hackettstown, NJ. Capacity 200

10.) Sandy Hook Chapel. Location: Sandy Hook, NJ. Capacity: Unknown.

When booking your wedding venue, it is so important to follow your intuition and choose the venue you feel most comfortable and excited about. Your venue should match closely with how you imagined your dream wedding to be, that way you & your fiance‚Äôs day is better than you imagined! Nj Wedding Pros is here to help you choose the right venue and even assist you with each and every vendor needed along the way! Lets get planning! 

XOXO, Leah 

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