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The Ultimate Fall Wedding Color Guide!

The Ultimate Fall Wedding Color Guide!: The busiest most beautiful wedding season is approaching us and with that comes so many choices to make! Let’s take a look at the most perfect color palette for that cozy autumn ceremony… Oranges/Yellows When most people think about autumn, oranges/yellows tend to come to mind. It’s the staple fall colors we see in pumpkins and fallen leaves! … Read More The Ultimate Fall Wedding Color Guide!


Fun Add-On’s For Your Wedding Reception!

Fun Add-On’s For Your Wedding Reception: Give your after-party a unique and creative twist with one or more of these fun add-on’s that are sweeping the wedding reception scene! Champagne Wall An incredibly awesome and unique way to serve drinks to your guests is…through a wall? That’s right! So many couples are opting for a beautiful greenery wall that allows guests to pick up … Read More Fun Add-On’s For Your Wedding Reception!


Fall-Themed Wedding Favors

Fall-Themed Wedding Favors: The best wedding season is approaching! Outside is getting chilly and the beautiful leaves are changing…so why not change it up and surprise your guests with some autumn-inspired goods! 1. Apple Butter A tasty treat that’s hard to beat…it’s apple butter! One of my absolute fall-favorites is this spreadable preserve made of apples (of course), cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and allspice. This … Read More Fall-Themed Wedding Favors


Top 5 Creative Guest Book Alternatives

Top 5 Creative Guest Book Alternatives: Ditch the traditional binded book and try out some fun alternatives to mix things up! 1. Signed Polaroid Pictures A great way to literally capture the moment! Set up a table with a few instant polaroid cameras, a slotted box, and some colorful sharpies to allow your guests to take their own up-close shots. At the end of … Read More Top 5 Creative Guest Book Alternatives

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Creating an Environmentally-Friendly Wedding!

Creating an Environmentally-Friendly Wedding: Show your love for each other while also showing a little love to the planet in 4 simple and effective ways! 1. Send Out Sustainable Invitations Every year, 250 million wedding invitations are sent out in the U.S. That’s a lot of paper waste! Why not help cut back and use an alternative material that’s both cute, useful and won’t … Read More Creating an Environmentally-Friendly Wedding!


Unique Wedding Venues In NJ

A unique wedding venue offers an opportunity to create a memorable and distinctive experience for both the couple and their guests. It stands out from traditional wedding venues and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who attends! Unique venues allow for more creativity in terms of decoration, layout, and theme. Adding personalization can make the wedding feel more authentic and reflective of the couple’s … Read More Unique Wedding Venues In NJ