Month: August 2019


Fun Wedding Send-Offs

Fun Wedding Send-Offs After your vows are done, the rings are exchanged, and you share your first kiss as newlyweds, the moment after it becomes official should be commemorated with something special! Remember back in the day when a bride and groom would hop into a car with cans on the bottom of it, adorned with a Just Married sign? Well, you can still … Read More Fun Wedding Send-Offs

15 Song Lyric Instagram Captions for Your Relationship

15 Song Lyric Instagram Captions for Your Relationship Need a cute Instagram caption for the latest picture of you and your boo? Finally got your wedding photos and can’t wait to relive the day over again with some gushy posts? We got you! From classic jams to newer bops, these 15 songs will definitely be giving you all the feels. 15. “Forever” by KISS … Read More 15 Song Lyric Instagram Captions for Your Relationship


Enjoy the Little Things

Enjoy the Little Things Some couples don’t like the big and boujee weddings and that is okay! Low key weddings can be the best weddings that you and your guests will enjoy. We can help you with any minor detail that will help make your wedding a big event!  Having your service at a local gazebo is a cute little way to express your … Read More Enjoy the Little Things


YOUnique Events

(YOU)nique Events Look at these 2 gorgeous photos below! Both are of a newly wed couple celebrating the start of a lifetime of love with their closest friends. But take a moment to notice all the details that are different: the location of the wedding, the season, the color scheme, the size of the bridal party, the bouquets and dresses and so much more. … Read More YOUnique Events


Social Media & Weddings

Social Media & Weddings In today’s world, everything is online. Everyone is tweeting, posting, and sharing. Social media has been playing a big role in weddings over the past few years. Guests are sharing their moments online for everyone to see by posting on Snapchat or on Instagram.  Having a cute and witty hashtag is a fun way to get your guests posting all … Read More Social Media & Weddings


All About First Looks

All About First Looks We understand that there is so much that goes into planning for your wedding day. You want all of the perfect vendors, you want your guests to be happy, but you also have to remember to put some time aside for yourselves. Your day is going to go by fast. Remember to enjoy each moment. It is becoming more and … Read More All About First Looks