Social Media & Weddings

In today’s world, everything is online. Everyone is tweeting, posting, and sharing. Social media has been playing a big role in weddings over the past few years. Guests are sharing their moments online for everyone to see by posting on Snapchat or on Instagram. 

Having a cute and witty hashtag is a fun way to get your guests posting all night and tagging your wedding for everyone to see

Photocred: Pinterest; The Wedding Scoop

Creating a Snapchat filter celebrating your day is a fun way to get your guests taking pictures all night. Plus, people in the area of the venue can see you celebrating your day!

Give you and your guests the perfect backdrop to take pictures and share onto their profiles. We have this perfect flower wall to rent for you and your guests to enjoy!

Photocred: Pinterest; Beauty Journal Giovanna 

It is also okay if you do not want your guests posting pictures about your wedding until you do! After all, your wedding day is about sharing love and not sharing online

Snap, Share, & Be Married!

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