(YOU)nique Events

Look at these 2 gorgeous photos below! Both are of a newly wed couple celebrating the start of a lifetime of love with their closest friends. But take a moment to notice all the details that are different: the location of the wedding, the season, the color scheme, the size of the bridal party, the bouquets and dresses and so much more. . . 

These 2 below too! Our photographers captured beautiful once-in-a-lifetime memories, but the pictures show such different love stories! 

That’s my favorite thing about weddings: no two are ever the same.

If you really think about it, weddings (and all special events) essentially are quite similar: there typically is a ceremony with a reception to follow, where the couple can celebrate their marriage with family and friends. 

Yet these events are really SO different in almost every way. No two brides are going to carry the same exact bouquets. No two wedding parties are going to choose to pose in the same exact way for their pictures. No two couples are going to have the same exact ceremony. Every small detail tells your love story. Every decision made for your special days represents who you are as individuals and as a couple. 

And I think the idea that your wedding is totally, 100% about your love and your future makes the day even more special.

According to statistics from Wedding Wire, 2.3 million couples get married in the US annually, breaking down to nearly 6,200 weddings a day. 

How cool is it to think that no 2 of those 2,300,000 weddings are alike?!? And doesn’t it make you feel even more unique that your wedding could be one of these?!?!

So, when it comes to planning your wedding, keep in mind that every detail and every minute of the day is all about your love story. YOU are unique, YOUR story is unique, and YOUR relationship is unique, so make sure that your event is too! 

– Megan

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