Month: August 2019


Glam Up and Go!

Glam Up and Go! Brides are beautiful no matter how their hair or makeup is done! But just to be sure you have it to your liking, take advantage of setting up a hair stylist and make up artist trial before your wedding so you can see how beautiful you will look on your big day! Be sure to look up ideas on Pinterest … Read More Glam Up and Go!


Lets Hear It For The Boys!

Lets Here It For The Boys! Sorry brides, but we are going to focus on your grooms for a minute here. Men, listen up. Let NJ Wedding Pros help you be part of the decision making process and give you some inspiration to help make your dream wedding also come true.  Really get into the planning process by helping design your boutonniere. Let us … Read More Lets Hear It For The Boys!


Flower Fun

Flower Fun It’s no surprise that flowers are a key part of your wedding day! They are held, worn, displayed…even thrown at the end of the night! Deciding exactly what you want to do to make your flowers perfect can be a daunting task, so NJ Wedding Pros is here to help!  Get Creative! Typically, flowers are part of the color scheme of the … Read More Flower Fun