Flower Fun

It’s no surprise that flowers are a key part of your wedding day! They are held, worn, displayed…even thrown at the end of the night! Deciding exactly what you want to do to make your flowers perfect can be a daunting task, so NJ Wedding Pros is here to help! 

Get Creative!

Typically, flowers are part of the color scheme of the wedding; they pull together the dresses of the bridal party and set the tone for the reception decor! Keep in mind though…you can do SO. MUCH. MORE. than simply incorporating the perfect colors!


Your ring doesn’t have to be the only thing that sparkles! Add rhinestones to your flowers for a subtle sparkle! Or how about gold to create metallic tips?!? Is glitter your thing? Why not make your entire bouquet shine by adding bedazzled brooches or pins! The options are endless! 


Don’t stop at just flowers! Check out these gorgeous bouquets with some extra special touches! These feathers blend in perfectly – you’d almost think they were flowers! And how about adding something to match your theme – like this bride did with the shells scattered throughout her arrangement! 

….Don’t be afraid to be sentimental either. Have a special something you want to hold on your wedding day? Add it to your bouquet! 

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!

Don’t forget: flowers are much more than just bouquets! They can be included anywhere and everywhere! Add them to your cake, put them in your hair, create a ceremony arch…the possibilities go on and on!

More Ideas!

Haven’t had enough of flowers by now…check out our Pinterest board to get some more creative flower inspiration for your wedding! 

Here at NJ Wedding Pros, we really are PROS with flowers…we have been in the floral industry for over 40 years! Check out some of our flower packages and make an appointment to discuss your unique ideas! 



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