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Creating an Environmentally-Friendly Wedding!

Creating an Environmentally-Friendly Wedding: Show your love for each other while also showing a little love to the planet in 4 simple and effective ways! 1. Send Out Sustainable Invitations Every year, 250 million wedding invitations are sent out in the U.S. That’s a lot of paper waste! Why not help cut back and use an alternative material that’s both cute, useful and won’t … Read More Creating an Environmentally-Friendly Wedding!


Mood Boards For Your Bridal Shower!

Picking a theme or color scheme for your bridal shower can be difficult. You may feel influenced based on where you’re hosting it or what season you’re in. However, there are endless ideas out there and once you’ve found one that you love, it is up to you to add your own personal twist and make it your own! Whether that’s the food you … Read More Mood Boards For Your Bridal Shower!


Flowers are Essential for Your Next Event: Here’s Why

Everyone knows flowers are a popular method of decorating whether you’re designing your dream backyard, perfect wedding, or even adding the final touches to your bedroom. They brighten up a room and they smell good, too. But at NJ Wedding Pros we believe flowers should go beyond their cliches as wedding centerpieces or Valentine’s Day gifts. We believe flowers are an essential addition to … Read More Flowers are Essential for Your Next Event: Here’s Why

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All About Rentals!

Are you looking to add some personal touches to your wedding? Here at NJ Wedding Pros, we offer a huge variety of wedding and event rentals that are a perfect way to customize your event! From huge Arches to small lanterns, anything you can think of to amp up your wedding decor.   We Offer: It is super important to keep in mind that many … Read More All About Rentals!


2023 Wedding Style Update

Below are some current trends in Weddings for 2023 FLOWERS, FLOWERS AND MORE FLOWERS Lush, lavish and lots of them. From the pre-ceremony party, to the ceremony, to the cocktail hour, to the reception and then to the after party; flowers are an integral part of the wedding decor. The objective is to create a space that transforms standard wedding venues into fantasy locations. … Read More 2023 Wedding Style Update


Why Are My Wedding Flowers Costing So Much?

Why Are My Wedding Flowers Costing So Much? It’s the question that might be in the back of your mind as you begin to get quotes for your wedding day. If it is, you’re not the only one having this thought. Prices have been changing, and we are presently seeing it more and more. You might be constantly trying to tweak the budget you … Read More Why Are My Wedding Flowers Costing So Much?