Fun Wedding Send-Offs

After your vows are done, the rings are exchanged, and you share your first kiss as newlyweds, the moment after it becomes official should be commemorated with something special! Remember back in the day when a bride and groom would hop into a car with cans on the bottom of it, adorned with a Just Married sign? Well, you can still do that, while including other send-offs!

Rice might be a bit messy, but bubbles are a great alternative, especially because they leave no clean up. You can hand out mini packs of bubbles to your guests that they can blow as they wait for you outside; this is especially great if you’re leaving a church or chapel. As you and your hubby/wifey exit the building, you’ll be greeted with a cloud of bubbles that might make you feel like you’re in a dream. I mean, you just married the love of your life, so you’ll probably feel that way already!

A butterfly release is another option as a send-off. Butterflies symbolize new beginnings. After your ceremony, you, or someone you designate, can open the release box to set free a dozen (or two) beautiful butterflies as they flutter about; they might even land on you or your flowers. We know that butterflies are loved and hold special meanings to many people, so we think including this moment after your ceremony is truly something special. Watching these magical creatures flutter around you and eventually go off into the world can resonate with many newlyweds on their new journey.

Dove releases are becoming a popular send-off or end of ceremony moment that many couples are taking part of. Just like butterflies, doves symbolize the beginning of a new life. If you’re feeling brave, you can release the doves yourselves! Don’t worry, they find their way back home.

We promise, you’ll be exiting in style. You don’t even need to keep send-offs for just your ceremony! Want a grand exit at your reception? Give your guests glow sticks, or even sparklers (but be careful and make sure you have enough) to wave as you leave. Streamers, ribbons, confetti.. there really are a lot of different things that you can do to add to moments and make them even more memorable.

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