All About Your Sweetheart -Table

After the hard work of making seating arrangements for all of your guests, you’re going to be glad there’s one table that’s a no-brainer: your own! The table that newlyweds sit at during their reception is traditionally called the Sweetheart Table. This table is to showcase the newly married couple and is often placed in the middle of the guest tables so everyone can have the perfect view. I feel like this table is also a representation of the couple’s personality. What I love most about Sweetheart Tables is that they are always so different and unique; I have never seen one of the same.

There are so many different ways that you can adorn your table, depending on what feels right to you and fits your theme and personality. This table is normally decorated differently than guest tables, but again, it is your call!

Going simple can be the perfect way to express how your personalities match. Some romantic candles and simplistic greens can make your Sweetheart Table stand out, but still be the perfect cozy spot for you and your loved one to be close in.  

If you have flower baskets for your ceremony, you can reuse them on or near your sweetheart table. We love being able to transfer decor from your ceremony and bring it to your reception. If you don’t have room on your table for the arrangements, they look just as beautiful placed on the floor.

Your Sweetheart Table can really include anyone that you want! Having a long table with your wedding party is a beautiful way to let them keep being part of your wedding long after the ceremony is finished! We love when couples always find ways to include their bridesmaids and groomsmen into their wedding day. 

Go big and extra with a Royal Glam Sweetheart Table! We love these King & Queen Throne Chairs. They give a larger than life appearance and make every couple feel like the royalty that they are. These are such a statement piece and will be sure to make your guests say “WOW” throughout the night, but mostly because of who is sitting in them!

At the end of the day, what matters most about your Sweetheart Table is the person that is sitting next to you!

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