The Most Spook-Tastic Ways To Propose To Your Boo!: Is that special someone in your life OBSESSED with all things spooky and scary during this Halloween season? Want to be spend the rest of your life with them until death do you part? Look no further! Check out these 5 spook-tastic ways to pop the question:

1. Jack-O-Lantern

The most iconic Halloween activity is of course….pumpkin carving! It’s such a great activity to do with friends and loved-ones as you all sit around trying your best to carve the perfect face. This is also a perfect opportunity to hide an engagement ring in the jack-o-lantern to present to your significant other! A perfect proposal for your Halloween-obsessed lover!

PS: You could even carve “Will You Marry Me?” and place the ring into the pumpkin for extra flair!

credit: macwagen via flickr

2. Corn Maze

Another classic fall activity is corn mazes! Twisting and turning through each corner of the maze together trying to find the end is an amazing opportunity for a fun proposal! Coordinate with the venue (and with awesome proposal planners like us) where the corn maze is to set up a stunning proposal at the end of the maze to surprise and awe your significant other!

credit: logan rickert

3. Apple Bobbing

A unique and interactive activity each fall season involves bobbing for apples; a classic game! Why not take your own twist on the tradition? You could either stick the ring in one of the apples or get down on one knee while your partner is unaware and busy trying to catch one with their mouth! Either which way you choose to do so, you are sure to create an unforgettable experience!

credit: brian wilson via flickr

4. Haunted House

Unlike myself, some people LOVE being scared! Whether it’s horror movies or spooky stories, fear is a fun adrenaline rush for some! For those brave and/or adventurous significant others, a haunted house proposal is the way to go! Coordinate with your chosen haunted house and their scare actors to come up with the most terrifyingly awesome proposal (perhaps even in the scariest room of the house if you’re brave enough!)

credit: gdj via openclipart

5. Hayride

One of my favorite fall activities is hayrides! A beautiful ride around the farm where you get to see all the gorgeous color-changing foliage and autumn crops in bloom. The ultimate location for that scenic fall proposal! Coordinate with the farm (and with us amazing proposal planners) where the hayride is located to set up a proposal at one of the hayride stops! Typically these rides stop at a pumpkin patch but wherever you decide is guaranteed to be incredible!

credit: james case via flickr

Hopefully I have sparked some incredible ideas to inspire a spook-tastic fall proposal for that special someone! Whichever you decide to do, make sure to contact us so we can help you plan the most gorgeous proposal filled with pumpkins, apples and hay bales galore! Happy Proposing!🎃

XOXO, Sydney

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