How To Avoid Disaster On Your Wedding Day!: No one wants to say “Uh-Oh” on their special day, so read ahead to make sure you are kept smooth sailing the whole day!

1. Heavy Signs = Strong Easels

Planning on using a mirror as place card decor? Make sure you are using a metal easel! We all know wooden easels are pretty and give such a rustic vibe to any event, but remember….wood snaps! Wooden easels are best used with light wooden signs. Think of it like this…heavy signs need a strong easel and lighter signs can go with a daintier easel! The last thing you want is for your easel to snap on your special day so take caution and think ahead! Check below to see an example:

PS: Keep in mind mirrors can also get knocked down off the easel by guests as they crowd around it looking for their seat…as a safer option you could hang the mirror from a door or use a mirror with a stand already attached (like a picture frame)!

2. Have An Alternate Indoor Location

Everyone loves an outdoor wedding whether that be a beach, a garden or even a rooftop overlooking the city! But what we DON’T like is horrible stormy/rainy weather that washes away all that hard work you put in! It is crucial to have a back-up location just in case it decides to pour down on your special day so make sure to look around at nearby venues that can help your day run smoothly and without major stress!

Credit: John_Wright via Flickr

3. Pack an Emergency Wedding Day Kit

Whether the flower girl falls and scrapes her knee, your maid of honor gets her time of the month or your dress rips…you got it covered with an emergency wedding day kit! These convenient kits carry everything you could possibly need including pain killers, sewing needle & thread, allergy medicine, safety pins, etc. etc. Read up online on all the things you should include in your kit so your wedding day is smooth sailing! Check out “The Knot” or browse some wedding planning forums for some ideas!

Credit: Emily via Flickr

Wedding days are stressful and can cause anxiety in many brides and grooms! Lots of feelings and thoughts are rushing through your body which is why it only makes sense to listen to and implement these tips and tricks to take a bit of tension off your shoulders! Remember, nobody is perfect and you are doing your best! You got this!

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