Intimate Elegance: A Guide to Planning the Perfect Micro Wedding

In a world where less is often more, micro weddings have become a popular choice for couples seeking an intimate and meaningful celebration. Embracing the charm of a smaller guest list, micro weddings allow for a focus on personal touches and cherished moments. If you’re considering hosting a micro wedding, here’s a guide to help you plan an event that’s big on love and low on stress.

1. Choosing The Perfect Venue

Selecting a venue is one of the first steps people think about when planning a wedding! Choose a venue that accommodates a smaller group to create a cozy and intimate setting! Backyards, beachfronts and gardens are some great choices!


2. Narrowing the Guest List

Keep it intimate by narrowing down your guest list to your nearest and dearest. Focus on inviting those who truly matter and contribute positively to your special day. This allows for more meaningful interactions and creates an atmosphere of closeness!

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3. Small-Scale D├ęcor

Embrace simplicity in your decor. Elegant centerpieces, string lights, and personalized details can create a warm and inviting atmosphere without overwhelming the space. Quality over quantity is the key!

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4. Incorporate Loved Ones

Nothing says small and intimate like having the ones closest to your heart help out on your wedding day! You can have your mom/close relative make the wedding cake or even have your maid of honor do your makeup for you! Your other loved ones could even help set up for the big event! These little things create a meaningful memory that will last forever.

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5. Catering for Intimacy

Opt for a caterer that specializes in small gatherings. Consider a family-style meal or even a cozy buffet to encourage a communal dining experience. This allows guests to interact and share the joy of the celebration!

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6. Capture Every Moment

Invest in a talented photographer to capture the intimate moments that make your micro wedding special. With fewer guests, you can ensure that each person present is prominently featured in your photo collection!

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In the world of weddings we may feel pressured to have big elaborate weddings, but a micro wedding can be a beautiful and intimate way to celebrate your love surrounded by those who matter most. So take a deep breath, embrace the simplicity, and enjoy the magic of a wedding day focused on the essence of your unique love story.

XOXO, Sydney

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