Picking a theme or color scheme for your bridal shower can be difficult. You may feel influenced based on where you’re hosting it or what season you’re in. However, there are endless ideas out there and once you’ve found one that you love, it is up to you to add your own personal twist and make it your own! Whether that’s the food you serve, flowers on the table, or just the dress you decide to wear, it will be lovely! Here are some inspiring ideas to draw from and create a truly memorable bridal shower experience!

  1. “Cloud 9” 

This theme is super versatile. I personally loved it because you can take it any direction color palette wise. Whether it’s black, white, & silver, Blues & silvers, blue, white, & gold, just blue & white, whatever it may be. You can be creative with the elements and how you want to incorporate colors which can be perfect if you want it to match your personal style or your wedding color scheme.

2. Neutrals!! 

    I absolutely love this because you really can use this color palette in any season. I think it would be the perfect theme for a backyard bridal shower or one outside. The greenery allows the colors to pop and everything looks fresh, new and exciting!

    3. “Something Blue”

    I think this can be absolutely stunning. The blue and the white look so calming and elegant together. You could even ask your guests to wear muted tones so when you take pictures everything pops! All in all, a very cute idea! I definitely think incorporating white balloons and more white flowers would tie this all together, along with different accents of gold. This is perfect for a summer bridal shower! 

    4. Florals

    I personally am obsessed with this theme. It is so colorful and beautiful for spring or summer. It feels so girly and fairytale-like that I think it is a wonderful theme to get inspo from or bring to life. If you’re looking for brunch/lunch theme, I think this would be a great match as well. 

    If you’re planning a shower and looking for more inspiration, give us a call or email us! We would love to help you plan your bridal shower and bring your vision to life!

    XOXO, Leah

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    (All images used in mood boards were found on http://www.pinterest.com)