Behind the Scenes at a Wedding Event Planning Business

You’ve seen our Instagram photos, Facebook posts, and blog articles, but have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes? As a summer intern at NJ Wedding Pros, I would like to give you a bit of insight out of office and at events our clients have booked.

As a social media intern, most of my time is spent in office with our Office Manager, Lisa. Inside, I enjoy creating media posts and stories to engage our past and future clients. I assist Lisa with all things digital. However this weekend, I had the opportunity to give helping hand to the set up at events. I was able to aid our owners at a dashing wedding at The English Manor and a proposal that featured horses from Seaton Hackney Stables.

Friday at the English Manor

When we arrived at the English Manor on Friday, the beauty of the scenery nearly had me in tears. The interior was pure elegance. The marbled floors glimmered with the lighting. The greenery outside where the reception was meant to take place made itself known vibrantly.

We were there to set up an arch for Clarissa and Dan’s wedding. Through us, the couple had not only booked flower services, but our officiant, photographer and DJ as well.

An arch might seem like something simple, but lot of work goes into creating the perfect picture for the couple to get married in front of. Nothing can be out of place. And the colors cannot fail to mesh with one another. I assisted in making the arch as beautiful as it could be for Clarissa and Dan.

The arch for Clarissa and Dan
Saturday at Loantaka Brook Reservation

On Saturday, there was a proposal booked that would take place after the couple rode on a horse trail. How romantic! We worked with Seaton Hackney Stables to make sure our arch would be in the perfect spot for our proposer and would not be an issue for the park or the horses.

The heat was unbearable but Ralph and I worked through it together to set up an arch full with indigo and lavender details. A heart made out of flower petals laid in front.

Sami and Iljirijana rode on the horse trail until they reached the lake at the reservation. They stepped off their horses and our photographer and proposer led the proponent to the arch. The new future spouses rode their horses back down the trail after the proposal.

Sami and Iljirijana with the horses

I’m excited to help and partake in the setting up of many more more events at NJ Wedding Pros. Don’t forget that you too can have these services done for you! Check our Event Services on our website to see what we offer.

Want to see our past events? Check our Instagram page @njweddingpros to see how we’ve helped craft the perfect day for others.

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