Being Flexible On Your Wedding Day

Things do not always go according to plan. Your wedding day could be on of those times where things aren’t exactly “perfect”. When there’s an opportunity for mishaps to occur, it is important to keep an open mind, expect the unexpected, and be flexible.


Weather changes on the dime, especially in the summer months. So when picking a venue, there should be a beautiful space indoors as well as outdoors to get married in. On a blazing hot day with 100-plus degree weather, you don’t want your older guests sitting outside during your ceremony for a half hour to an hour. Pick a venue that has beauty inside and outside, so that in any case, your ceremony will be lovely.

If you are dead-set on an outdoor venue, make sure to have a Plan B. Storms, floods and heavy rain could occur.


When it comes to flowers, food, or whatever your vendor is supplying, availability may be limited for certain products. The exact type of daisy may be unable to reach you by your wedding date due to delivery delays. Even though you might have pictured your perfect day in your mind, you might need to make some adjustments.

It’s a good idea to have substitutions and alternatives to be ready for any changes.


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Things happen. Whether it be health-related, family-related, or another disruption, your guests may have an interference in their schedule and may be unable to attend your wedding. You should reach out to your guests to double-check if their attendance is guaranteed. Be flexible with your seating chart as it might have to be adjusted a few times.

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