Dresses When? Dresses Now!

When it comes to buying dresses, the earlier the better. Dresses should be ordered months in advance, especially for bridesmaids, to account for any and everything.

Majority of wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses are imported from overseas. Shipping delays do not always occur, but should be expected.

This means that your dress shopping should be done ASAP! To be prepared for any instance and ensure time for alterations, a bride should have their gown six months before the wedding. If your wedding is sooner than six months, a simple gown will do the trick. Simpler dress = Less stress, less money, and less headaches.

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The Process

When buying your dress, it is important to have a look in mind. While it may be difficult to find or recreate the exact dresses saved on your Pinterest board, listing commonalities between them is a simple process. Make sure to list the ways you would like certain features like the neckline, bodice, sleeves, waistline, skirt, bustle, hemline, and train. The most important and basic features to consider are the color, fabric, and silhouette.

Once you can picture the look in your head, visiting bridal shops and booking appointments should be next on your list. Make sure to keep your size, the sizing, and your budget in mind.

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The entire process should begin shortly after your engagement as the dress-making and creation process can take up to 6-9 months. As long as a payment for your dress has been made no less than 6 months before your wedding, a perfect gown will be ready for your perfect day. The sooner you take the first steps towards creating your wedding gown, the better.

Bridesmaid Dresses

The same process above is used for bridesmaid dresses. Planning ahead is essential as multiple dresses in different styles and shapes are often needed.

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