There is arguably nothing more important at a wedding than the photos. I mean “pics or it didn’t happen” am I right? With this in mind, it is essential for your wedding to be photographed not only to capture all of the important moments throughout the day but to also match your own personal style. Here are the top five trends we are following throughout 2021.  

Documentary Wedding Photography 

This style of photography is for those who want that “raw” photo-type feel. Let the photographer capture those candid and natural moments throughout the course of each event. This will produce beautiful and timeless photos that match any style. 

Drone Wedding Photography 

With the rise in popularity of drone photo and videography in the past few years, it is no surprise that drones are now being implemented into wedding photos. Drone photography will elevate your wedding photos to the next level and allow for nontraditional brides to get unique and timeless photos, as well as capture those moments from angles normal photographers couldn’t get.

First Look Photos 

First look photos are something that will never go out of style. These photos will become some of the most special and memorable shots to showcase the bride and groom seeing eachother for the first time on the big day. First look photos are also versatile, where they can be shot at any location, giving options for backdrops and scenery. 

The Pre-Ceremony Photos 

Pre-ceremony photos allow for the special behind-the-scenes moments to be captured. These photos can range from shots of the bride getting her makeup done to the groom getting ready for the big day. Pre-ceremony photos capture the special little moments and detail that goes into planning your special day. 

Less is More Style Photography 

The biggest trend we’re seeing for this year in the world of wedding photography is simplicity. Ditch the props and busy backdrop for a more simplistic and elegant vibe that will never go out of style. These photos will remain timeless as trends come and go; making your wedding photos even more personal and special. 

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