This year has undoubtedly been the busiest year we have had in quite some time. Possibly ever! With that being said, our team did such an amazing job executing all of the events we had planned, and the teamwork shown was unmatched! We could not have done it without the help of our staff and interns. Every season, we take in interns who are focused in the areas of business, marketing, and event planning. It is an honor to be able to provide our interns with professional experience, help them strengthen their skills and give insight to them about the event industry.

In this very special blog, we asked our summer interns, Hugh & Cece, to share their experience working with us during this busy year. Here is what they had to say!

“This summer, I interned with NJ Wedding Pros to learn about the event planning industry and develop professional skills necessary to succeed in any profession. This internship proved to be a productive learning experience without overwhelming me or impacting my life outside of work.

During my time at NJ Wedding Pros, I developed the professional skills that are not usually taught in a classroom but necessary to succeed at any company. Such skills include managing a company’s social media accounts in a manner that attracts clients, networking with vendors to meet business needs, and utilizing programs such as Canva and WordPress to create engaging digital content. Given that I am an English major, I maximized my strength in business writing during this internship, and I feel much more confident in writing for a brand.

Throughout my internship, I wrote about wedding trends on our company blog. This responsibility proved very different from the academic writing I know from college courses. The content of business writing should, at the very least, encourage potential clients to inquire about the company’s provided services. However, unlike academic writing, which usually has a rigid prompt and later evaluated by an instructor for a numerical value, I had the free range to write about anything wedding or event-related so long as I thought that it would attract clients. My content drove results, as clients accepted their outstanding quotes after I published certain blogs. 

An integral part of my internship, albeit the most exciting, was attending weddings, engagements, graduation parties, and sweet sixteens to help coordinate these events. These events allowed me to witness the end-results of NJ Wedding Pros’s day-to-day operations and understand how special these events mean to the clients. These hands-on opportunities also afforded me a break from the office environment and allowed me to visit several beautiful and interesting places throughout the state, gaining a better understanding of clients’ interests and the event planning industry in general. As several events were held outdoors, I learned the importance of factoring weather into planning an outdoor event. For clients who wish to hold their event outdoors, I advise that your venue has some sort of indoor area, as weather conditions can impact a vendor’s ability to execute your desired services.

Interning with NJ Wedding Pros proved to be a valuable experience. I sharpened professional skills, expanded my network, and gained a sense of personal and professional fulfillment. I could not recommend this company enough to other college students, recent graduates, or anyone looking for a new professional opportunity.” – Hugh

“This summer, I had the pleasure of interning at NJ Wedding Pros here in Fair Haven, New Jersey. As a local to the area I was immediately attracted to this in-person internship posting, and further enticed by the opportunity to work in wedding and event planning. I am a rising senior at Penn State University where I study advertising and graphic design, and while this internship was posted as a marketing intern position, my time here has proved to be much more valuable than experience in marketing and advertising alone. 

             Throughout the summer, I have been responsible for upholding the company’s social media presence, as well as creating blog posts and internet content to further the company’s brand awareness. This experience has been incredibly valuable in teaching me the importance of consistency and the many ways in which social media can drive business. I have been able to apply my background in graphic design and advertising concepts through social media posts, as well with more hands-on tasks such as creating table number place cards for events. I have also had the pleasure of going onsite to set up weddings and events, where I have been able to work with clients and experience firsthand the unique intricacies that vendors, decoration and planning provide. As someone who values fast paced, dynamic jobs that provide a new experience every day, I thoroughly enjoyed having an internship where office work is just as important as working on site at event locations. 

In the past few months I have also been able to experience the many ways in which creativity is integrated into event planning. Sometimes creativity is shown clearly in elements such as breathtaking flower arrangements, centerpiece décor or color integration, but it is even more useful when creativity is used to solve the many unexpected problems that come with event planning.  As an intern, I feel very lucky to have worked in an environment that not only encourages creativity, but relies on it to provide the most unique, special experiences for their clients. It has been inspiring to watch this company make their client’s vision a reality, and encouraging for myself as a prospective creative professional to see the potential of creativity in a future career.  

Interning at NJ Wedding Pros has provided me with experiences and skills that will assist me in launching my professional career in advertising and graphic design (and maybe even event planning!), and has given me the confidence to keep an open mind about any professional opportunity that comes my way. I look forward to seeing all the wonderful experiences this company will continue to provide for both their clients and interns, and sincerely recommend this position to anyone looking to gain valuable experience in their prospective career.” – Cece


Both Hugh and Cece have been such an asset to our team and we would not have gotten through this summer without them! We are truly so happy to have gotten to know both of them and are so happy they enjoyed their time here with us. It’s always bittersweet saying goodbye, but also heartwarming to know the future looks so bright with these ambitious future grads out there!

If you are interested in interning with our company this fall, please e-mail us with your resume!

Lisa Tardo
Office Manager
NJ Wedding Pros
740 River Rd. Suite 240
Fair Haven, NJ 07704