Nowadays, everyone can be a photographer with their phone cameras. Sometimes, people can’t help but to capture these special moments to keep for themselves! However, guests with phones have the potential to cause some disturbance in your ceremony. 

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Guests with their phones out can miss important moments in the ceremony because they are distracted, and even disrupt the ceremony if they forget to turn their ringer off. Worst of all, guests who are snapping pictures of you up on the alter can really interfere with the beauty of the image. 

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Going unplugged is as easy as asking your guests to respect your wishes! Here are a couple ways you can remind your guests to keep their phones down. 

Have a Sign

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With this method, your guests will be reminded to keep their phones down upon entry into your ceremony. The news of an unplugged ceremony will circulate the reception and guests should surely remember to keep their phones down. Signs can be bought on Amazon, Etsy and many other online retailers for your convenience. 

Include it in Your Invitation

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Asking your guests to leave their phones down during your ceremony is the same as asking your guests to wear a certain color or style at your wedding in the invitation! On the invitation, include a little card that politely states you will have an “unplugged” ceremony, meaning that you would appreciate it if everyone kept their phones away and refrained from taking pictures during the ceremony.  

Make an Announcement

Right before the ceremony begins, ask your officiant to make a quick announcement asking that people silence their phones and refrain from taking pictures. Have the officiant remind your guests that the ceremony is a special moment they won’t want to miss!

Going unplugged is simple, and will produce beautiful results when you remind your guests to keep the photographing to the photographers. Not to mention, your ceremony will feel even more intimate and special when all of your guests are present and in the moment with you.

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