As we start the latter half of the summer season, engaged couples who are tying the knot later this year should be finalizing the logistics of their special day!

While most people dread autumn, as it coincides with returning to regular work hours and the start of the school year, it is probably the best season to get married for three reasons:

  1. Your wedding gives you and your guests something to anticipate after summertime fun.
  2. The outside temperature in New Jersey is warm enough for couples who want an outdoor wedding.
  3. You and your guests retain their summer tans, so everyone would look their best!

While we all wish to forget the horrors of the COVID-19 pandemic, we anticipate that several wedding trends from the past 17 months will carry into our new sense of normalcy. Such as:

  1. Weekday Weddings – Wedding vendors’ availability has been stretched thin through 2022. On top of the fact that vendors have cheaper rates on weekdays, couples would be more likely to book their preferred services and location for their special day if it is held on Thursday or Friday.
  2. Local Locations – Couples will be more likely to hold their wedding at a location within driving distance of the attendees, prioritizing guest safety and easing travel for everyone involved. Local weddings also give couples an opportunity to work with local vendors who were hit hard by the pandemic.
  3. Live Streaming – The pandemic made us more aware of how circumstances can prevent others from partaking in celebrations. As much as you may wish for all of your guests to experience your wedding in-person, live streaming ensures that everyone you and your future spouse care about can witness your special moment. 
  4. Sustainability – Each year, we become more aware of our carbon footprint. Couples will likely continue using digital invitations and QR codes for their special day, cutting down on their use of paper and ensuring no one’s invitation gets lost in the mail. Other ways to make your wedding day more sustainable include going plastic-free and lending flowers and décor to other engaged couples.

However you decide to coordinate the logistics of your wedding day, we are here to help! Request a quote or schedule a consultation today so your autumn wedding is spectacular!

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