A perfect sunny day is always ideal when it comes to your wedding day. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In order to make sure your big day runs as smoothly as possible, you need a backup plan. Here are some ways to make sure you’re prepared in case the weather doesn’t cooperate!

Rent a Tent

One of the easiest and most common ways to make sure your outdoor venue is covered is to rent a tent. Tents vary in size, color, shape, and are able to fit any theme and budget. The tent can even be used regardless of poor weather as it can serve as a beautiful extension to your venue. 

 Heat Lamps

Depending upon the season, heat lamps are a great way to make sure that the poor weather does not ruin your big day. Heat lamps are easy to move and come in many different styles to match your theme. If you don’t like the look of heat lamps you can opt for fire pits which double as casual guest seating, depending upon the venue. 

Make it fun with umbrellas that match your theme 

No one wants rain on their wedding day but making the most out of it is the most important part because, in the end, you can’t control the weather. Rain on your big day is actually a great way to incorporate umbrellas that match your theme, plus it gives the opportunity for unique and memorable photos. Besides, rain on your wedding day is good luck! 

Research Venue Accommodations 

Doing research on the venue prior to booking is crucial to have a backup plan. Always ask what accommodations the venue can make or if you would be able to make your venue flexible with an indoor and outdoor setting as this will ensure you and your guests can stay warm and dry!

Consider Getting Wedding Insurance 

Predicting the weather is hard, and sometimes even the most elaborate backup plan won’t be able to fix all of your weather-related problems. In this case, consider getting wedding insurance as it will allow for added protection and reduced stress surrounding your big day. 

There are so many ways to make sure you’re prepped and ready in case the weather decides to act up on your big day. For information about how we can accommodate your wedding day backup plan visit us at njweddingpros.com.

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