Different Greenery for Different Seasons

Your wedding flowers are an important part of your day. They’re going to be an accessory (and maybe even a focal point) of many photos, and they are also an expression of your personality and likes. Often, there is a lot of focus and emphasis on just flowers, but greenery is also an important piece to any bouquet or arrangement. It can completely change the look! Just as each season comes with different blooms, the same goes for greens and foliage.

Spring weddings allow for a variety of different greens. After all, it is when everything starts blooming again! Garden inspired bouquets are very popular during this season, including greens such as eucalyptus. It is often common to mix a few different greens and tones.

If you’re having a summer wedding, you probably have the most abundant of bloom selections! The greenery that can be and is used for summer bouquets and arrangements range from light to dark, creating depth. You will also have to remember to choose greens that will not wilt in the heat, such as leather leaf and eucalyptus.

Fall weddings bring a lot of color changes and those changes can be incorporated in your wedding flowers or arrangements. Foliage that can be used is green with burgundy tips for that extra nod to the ever changing season. The greenery will tie nicely into the colors of fall such as burgundy, orange, and yellow.

Very popular greenery for winter bouquets are pine and fir, reminiscent of winter times, as you cozy up by the fireplace (maybe with a cup of hot chocolate). Eucalyptus is another great green that can be used during the winter wedding months!

No matter what season you’re planning on choosing for your wedding, you have beautiful options for all of your floral needs – including the beautiful greens to accentuate the blooms. Don’t forget to schedule a consultation with us to discuss all of your wedding day needs!

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