Buy It Once, Use It Twice: Your Guide to Smart Decor

Trust us, we completely understand that planning a wedding comes with a lot of different expenses. When you work with us, we are dedicated to providing you with the best options for your budget and needs. What many couples don’t realize is that there are several purchases for your wedding day that can be reused in different locations and for different things. Here, we will share some of our favorite tips and tricks on buying it once, but using it twice (or maybe even more than that).

CEREMONY DECOR.¬†We’re sure you want your walk down the aisle to be pretty. Maybe you have some lanterns, or some beautiful floral arrangements at the spot where you’re going to exchange vows. Maybe you’re getting married in front of a flower wall or a hedge-wall. Whatever the case may be, all of these items can also be used as decor for your reception! You can use lanterns as part of your centerpiece, the floral arrangements as part of your sweetheart table decor (or placed anywhere that might need a little sprucing up), and the flower wall or hedge-wall can be used as a photo booth background, especially if you add a customized sign to it! All you need are some designated family members or friends (or your wedding planner) to carefully transport any items after the ceremony.

BOUQUETS. Your bridal and bridesmaids bouquets are a huge part of your ceremony and may even be a focal point of many of your photos. However, have you ever thought about using bouquets as centerpieces? We know, pretty epic. All you need are some clear vases, and as soon as your ceremony is over and your girls are done with their bouquets, simply place them into the vases and there you have your centerpieces! You can always add enhancements such as votive candles, tree stumps, rose petals, fairy lights…there are so many possibilities. The most important part is that the bouquet you paid for is now a pretty centerpiece. And honestly, you don’t even have to have them standing up if you don’t want. Flat or garland type centerpiece looks are definitely in and eliminate yet another cost.

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FAVORS. Yes, yet another multipurpose item! If you’re having specific seating arrangements at your wedding, your seating cards can also be your favors. They don’t have to be “cards” at all! They can be mini bottles of wine, bottle openers, key chains, cute mason jars.. the unique possibilities can go on and on and can relate to the theme of your wedding. As long as there’s a name tag on there somewhere so your guests know where to sit, yet again you’re saving another cost!

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There are many different ways to save a little money while planning a wedding, and we hope you can incorporate some of our favorite tips that we’ve shared! We would love to help you plan your dream wedding, with your vision and in your budget. Schedule a consultation today!

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