Our Top 10 Wedding Songs For 2022

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Your wedding day playlist, maybe the most important one you’ll ever make! We’re here to highlight some classics & new picks that will get your feet moving & heart beating a little faster, when that special day rolls around.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

By The Four Seasons

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Your too good to be true, can’t take my eyes off you

An instantly recognizable & lovely tune for dancing close & slow!


Ed Sheeran

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But darling, just kiss me slow”

Sheeran’s comforting lyrics & delivery make this tune a wedding playlist must!

Lets Stay Together

Al Green

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Let me be the one you come running too”

A sweet song by Al Green to his friend & lover. Perfect for a romantic slow dance!

God Only Knows

The Beach Boys

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God only knows where I’d be without you”

The Beach Boys catalogue is full of songs for lovers, this song is particularily lovely.

You’re My Best Friend


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You’re my best friend, that I’ve ever had”

A Queen song can make an occasion that much more epic, this particular tune is fitting for the best of lovers!

More Than Words


Courtesy of Youtube

More than words is all you have to do to make it real”

This instantly recognizable tune with have everyone passionately dancing & singing along with the chorus!



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I’m Forever Yours, Faithfully”

Talking about epic, Journey’s music ooze’s love with their signature sound & always makes for great dancing music.

Here & Now

Luther Vandross

Courtesy of Youtube

I promise to love, faithfully”

A great song from a legend, Vandross delivers a soulful vocal for the perfect serenade.

All of Me

John Legend

Courtesy of Youtube

“All of Me, Loves all of you”

The chorus says it all, with John Legend’s heartfelt vocal rounding out some great slow-dance worthy keys.

You’re In My Heart

Rod Stewart

Courtesy of Youtube

You’re in my heart, you’re in my soul”

Rod Stewarts powerful words & vocals are on full display for this gorgeous ode to a love interest.

We hope you enjoyed our summer wedding 2022 top ten playlist, reminding you of some classic tunes and maybe even discovering a few new ones! We’re so happy to ring in this season with plenty of different event setups- which you can find on our Instagram page @njweddingpros . You can also browse the “Rentals” tabs on our website for more inspiration & be sure to checkout our online store for a special sale! Thanks for reading & check back here again for more updates!

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