Create a Personalized Wedding Blog

A personalized wedding blog can be a great way to showoff your day in photos, writing & tell your love story. This option is great for folks who enjoy writing & will serve as a unique & perfect modern way to document for the future. We’re here to include some ideas that will inspire your inner story-teller, read on!


You can start the wedding day recap with a heart-warming introduction, we recommend a cute story to preface the entire day! Include a story about your the first time you met- or talk a little bit about the first time you “knew they were the one” (how about both!?) You can include pictures from when you first met, and continue to tell a story throughout the blog visually, leading up to the knot-tie!

Venue Grounds Recap

An overall recap of the venue grounds is a beautiful way to keep memories alive & inspire others for their future ceremony. You can photograph the grounds before decoration and after, complete with photos of the wedding decor, music enterainment, and edible arrangements. Get creative with a “before-&-after” recap, and show off your day to it’s fullest, just how you remember it!

Venue & Theme Significance

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You can also write a bit about why you chose the specific venue & theme, and the significance it has on you & your beloved. Talk about some of the arrangements (decor & chosen venue) & what they mean to you. Describe your venue in detail to paint a picture for readers, like how the weather & breeze felt on the beach- or the tall evergreens added to your cozy get-together, surronded by loved ones. Your words will bring back all sorts of memories, and inspire others in their choices.


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Include a section talking about your emotions towards the proposal, & some of the feelings you had leading up to the day. This is a great way to help inspire others when it comes to getting married, & can serve as a way to relieve future brides & grooms pressure about absolute-perfection, and put the emphasis back on fun & enjoyment!

The Lead Up To “I Do”

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The morning of a wedding & lead up to final moments are all very exciting. The decor & food setup, hair & makeup, cocktail hour, & anything else you choose to include are all extremely lively events that are worth describing in detail to continue painting the overall picture- leading up to the grand finale- saying “I Do”. Watching the venue finally come together through your hard work & planning can be very satisfying, you may choose to include pictures of everything in place, meticulousy prepared to reflect the perfection of your dream day.


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Include your guests words and feelings on the special day, to add different perspectives to the overall love story. A wedding is one of the most joyful & exciting times to be in & apart of, bringing out the warmest feeings for everyone involved. You can include your guests writing as well in the blog, relating it to your own feelings about the ceremony. This day is so special to you, friends & family- don’t hold back when it comes to describing all the details that made your day! Your wedding blog will serve as the perfect memorium & inspiration for future readers & lovers when it comes to planning!

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