Wedding Time Social Media Musts

With all of the different ways you can incorporate social media into your wedding, we wanted to share some of the most popular ways to spread the word digitally! From customized filters to livestreams, there’s no shortage of options! Read on to get in the summer celebratory mood with some of the latest trends.

Facebook Livestream

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Live Streaming your wedding is a great way to connect with everyone who didn’t get the chance to attend in-person, & also doubles as the perfect high-definition wedding tape. Friends on Facebook will be able to comment as well, and drop in throughout the day for a pleasant surprise! While this option is great & free, make sure to brush up on the rules with livestreaming or consider looking into a service that ensures the process runs smoothly with live tech support- the whole way through. This option is great for especially if you choose to have a destination wedding with a small guest list, all of your friends can be included!

Snapchat Filters

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Snapchat offers customizable templates in the mobile app (go to settings & look for “on-demand geofilters”.) which are a quick and convenient way to create filters that can be attached to any pictures taken in the same premise as the wedding. You can include the date, time, and name of the couple, which can act as a fun & nice touch for pictures taken. The Snapchat Desktop app offers even more customizable options in the “Geofilter Studio” where you have access to different color palettes and fonts. Make sure to ask your guests to save the photos into their phone, this option gives everyone the chance to become a wedding photographer for a day!

Personalized Wedding Hashtags

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A simple & fun way to get creative with your day, making a personalized hashtag is a must. You can opt for a classic hashtag including the newlyweds last name & year (#SmithWedding2022) & continue to add other hashtags including the venue name or location. Puns are also welcome here, let your sense of humor shine through & try combining your names (Brangelina, anyone?) & create something that’s unique and memorable. 


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Pinterest is a great place to gather inspiration for any special events, pictures are organized into a vision board that can tell a story through a myriad of ways. You can gain inspiration for your own upcoming wedding & as well as uploading a “wedding boards” featuring your special day-summarized. Themes, dining ideas, & attire are all on display to showcase wedding days from all over, offering a lot of visuals to help prepare. Uploading your own pictures helps others in their planning as well, keeping the most recent trends on display with endless inspiration to boot.

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