Creative “Save The Date” Ideas

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A “Save-the-date” is the introductory letter mailed to your guests announcing your wedding date, but it can be so much more than just a regular invitation! There are so many different ways to break the news with a unique twist on the tradition of sending out these fun invites- & we’re here to highlight some modern favorites!

Magnet Cards

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Magnet cards are a great idea to give your guests a fun way of saving the date! This will also double as a cute reminder for your guests to keep in mind as the date draws closer. You can choose to make handcarved magnets out of wood, or look for one that’s predesigned on popular websites like Etsy. “Puzzle Piece” magnets are also another popular & trending way to commemorate your day ,with each lovers name on seperate pieces that fit together perfectly when assembled on a fridge or cabinet!

Handmade Candle

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What’s more romantic & evocative of being in love then candle light? This is a perfect way for you to set the mood early on, and of course has the advantage of functionality. You can find these custom candle makers online at storefronts like Etsy & customize the perfect design, including your name & special date on the front and a special quote on the back that illuminates when in use!

Photo Collage Invite

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Photo collages are a good idea to include a couple different snapshots of you & your lover in a classic & classy way! This idea is simple & gives the details concisely- while also looking sharp enough to put on display as an attractive reminder in your guests homes.

Passport & Map

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The passport option acts as a great suprise for your guests- it’s uniqueness alone will catch their attention and is great on behalf of travel lovers! You can further personalize the inside pages to include a picture of you & your lover, as well as a map showcasing the location of your wedding venue!

Front Page News

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This eye-catching option is incredibly fun & also a convenient and neat way to display the details of your special day. You can also choose to personalize it further by including your love story in the style of a news column & a cute picture to tie it all together for the perfect front-page Breaking-news!

Bookmark The Date!

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The bookmark invite is a perfect way for you to help build anticipation in a convient & practical way! Book lovers will surely appreciate the functionality & find a special place to display- you can choose to add a color scheme to match your weddings theme along with a special picture and of course, the date. The tassel can also incoporate the theme as well, such as a fancy horseshoe charm for a shed wedding, or a shell charm for a beach theme.

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