Hottest 2022 Summer Wedding Trends

Summertime is here, bringing in new seasonal wedding trends for 2022! There’s no shortage of fresh & unique ideas, so we’ve decided to put together a list of our favorites to help give you some inspiration. From setting & decor to color schemes & more, read on for some new summertime loving ideas!

Garden Style Weddings

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This particular setting is a trending this year for good reason, enchanted gardens can bring a magic, almost fairy tale-like- feel to your day. The greenery serves as the perfect backdrop to highlight your guests against colorful & vibrant flowers, resulting in captivating pictures that are the definition of “eye-catching”! The best part about garden style weddings-maybe that we are located in the Garden State! With over hundreds of venues tucked away in the scenic NJ landscape, there’s no shortage of beautiful places to hold a ceremony! Check out our previous “Top Ten Scenic NJ Venues” blog post at the “Blog” tab to the left for a detailed look at some local favorites!


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One of 2022’s hottest wedding trends is having a varied color & themed scheme.We’ve mentioned the vast array of different schemes you can choose in a previous blog (check them out!), and there’s so many great options that you can choose to include. A rustic scheme may fit with the theme of a shed or ranch styled wedding, or perhaps lighter and softer colors to match a Jersey Shore ceremony. The theme of your day is important, as it sets the mood for the occasion- Check our Instagram & facebook more pictures featuring our work in some of NJ’s finest locations.

Weekday Weddings

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With covid related issues starting to subside, gatherings are becoming more commonplace again. Weekday weddings are emerging directly as a result of postponements & the massive influx of potential overbookings for weekends & other popular holidays for wedding days. While you may have felt the need to save the date for a special weekend, you no longer have to worry- in light of one of this summer’s hottest trends! We specialize in helping you plan every step of your special day, browse our “rental” tabs over to the left to get started on potential plans!

Beach Weddings

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Another hot 2022 trend, beach weddings are an increasingly popular option (especially during the Summer NJ days). The temperature is just perfect, with the breeze blowing & the coziness that NJ beachtowns are famous for. Some beach venues feature luxurious yacht club stylings, while others sport a classic victorian look. Check out more of our NJ beach venue picks in the “Top Ten Scenic NJ Venues” blog, under the “Blog” tab over to the left, where we go more in depth on specific locations in NJ (featuring venues we’ve worked with personally)!

Live Painter

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A live painter is another increasingly popular way to add to the mood of your day. Not only is watching the artist relaxing- a live painter will capture the scene in a unique & striking way that can stir up feelings of your special day through meticulous detail and rich coloring. The painting can bring elegance to any room where it’s displayed, as illustrated above. The painting will also serve as a great conversational point for having guests over to the house in the future! We can’t recommend this option enough to capture the specialness of your day!

We hope to have brought a little summertime excitement to your day with some of our favorite modern wedding trends! We are always a email or phone call away to help you plan your dream day – check out the tabs on the left for more info on our services & our Instagram to see why were considered “Pros” by so many! Thanks for reading & be sure to tune in next week for more fun tips & ideas!

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