Happy Memorial Day weekend! We’ve prepared a list of some popular drinks for the warmer weather this weekend (or your next get together!) Below you will find some tasty ideas that will complement the party mood & bring you closer together with friends & loved ones! Scroll down for some inspiration!

Berry Rose Mojito

Courtesy of Recette Magazine

The Berry Rosé Mojito is a colorful mix of bright fruit, herbs, & Rose that make for a cool and refreshing burst during the hot summer days and nights! Sparkling rosé is the star of the show here, with strawberries, lime & sugar for a fruity kick & mint for the clean, refreshing finish. The combination of colors makes for the perfect complement to a sunny day outside & the fruity-mint flavor helps cool down & relax.

Pretty In Pink Mimosa

Pretty in Pink Mimosas are a perfect eye-catching drink to brighten up any occasion! These colorful cocktails are made up of orange juice & champagne with the addition of rose flavored syrup. All of these ingredients come together for bubbly mixture that goes down with a crisp and mouth-watering bite!

Bourbon Ginger Grapefruit

Ginger Grapefruit Bourbon is another cocktail idea that has the warm weather look & taste to match. This drink idea is easy to make with only three ingredients & features another complementary color scheme for a warm, special day. Combine lime & grapefruit juice, with ginger syrup & stir! Add fresh cuts of Grapefruit to the glass for extra flair (and get creative with your own complementing ingredients!)

Purple Rain Cocktail

Courtesy of Troprockin.com

The Purple Rain Cocktail is named after a favorite album by soul singer Prince, and is a tad darker than the other summertime drinks we’ve listed! This purple cocktail is perfect for a get together (and for Prince fans of course!) Que up some classics on the speakers and gather your ingredients! You’ll need vodka, blue curacao, grenadine, pineapple juice & a lime for the finish. This drink will go down easy & is simply fun to prepare, regardless of who your favorite singer is!

With plenty of drinks to celebrate, we hope you have a happy & safe Memorial Day! We’re here all weekend if you have any questions or inquires about our services, just give us a call or email for more information on how we can help bring your dream event to life!

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