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When it comes to your wedding, there’s so many different themes to choose from- but only one single day! The traditional formalities can all be incorporated, or completely customized (we’ll save that for a different day!) We’re here to highlight some of our favorite themes to make wedding days personal & unique, including ones we’ve personally worked with!


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Perhaps the most popular theme & for good reason, the subtle elegance displayed is exclusive with tying the knot and provides a classic look that never goes out of style! The classic theme includes all of the familiar formalities (flower girls & bridesmaids, etc.) with guests sporting traditional outfits like tuxedos & ballroom gowns. Ceremonies are traditionally held at a church with vows read, but you can also choose to add your own twist & move outside for this step. The classic theme is perfect to honor the idea of an age old tradition & is usually what folks think of when talking about weddings.


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Another favorite, the rustic theme provides guests & lovers with a country feel added to the classic theme. Rustic literally means “relating to the countryside”, so you can use your imagination with this theme, but typically you’ll find elements such as wood & metal (think of barns & sheds). The natural feel will make for a cozy time (especially in NJ’s sprawling scenic farmlands) & beautifully framed pictures to look back on. You can include the previously mentioned formalities & “countrify” them, such as holding the ceremony inside of a decorated shed!


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The beach wedding is perfect for NJ couples tying the knot, & a request we often get the opportunity to help plan! The dress code is usually relaxed considering the sand and weather, with the gorgeous blue sky & ocean backdrop adding a dreamy & relaxing quality to the day (pics will look perfect too!) NJ is home to some of the best beaches around, with different coastal towns all retaining their own unique feeling & identity. Check out our Instagram & Facebook for some of the various beach themed events we’ve worked on, they are a great way to honor your commitment & admiration for some of NJ’s most inviting geography.


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A garden wedding can be similar to the rustic theme, but provides a different color scheme and atmosphere for the day. Vineyards, botanical gardens, & hollows are found throughout the state, each offering their own special views & natural amenities. Couples may choose to decorate the surrounding greenery and emphasize complementing bouquets, adding to the celebratory mood. Vineyards can be especially popular considering that there may also be wine tasting & dining options on site, giving you a great setting to hold your special day. Lakeside manors are also a popular and gorgeous one-stop wedding destination as well, with some venues featuring large ballrooms, dining, & outdoor options for ceremonies when the weather permits. Greenery is a very popular option for outdoor wedding scenery, and NJ offers some the finest in the world!


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Glamorous themes can include a heavier emphasis on colors like gold & silver, with lush decorations that tend to be more elegant & grand looking than the classic theme. Wedding attire can consist of the traditional wear, with the added touch of glam (think of Great Gatsby!) The venue can be reflective of the overall theme in this case, with matching drinks and dining options to bring the mood together! This theme calls for you & your guests to live like upperclassman of the early 1900’s, which is the perfect reason to really go all out & treat yourself for the day! This theme relies heavy on intricate details for preparation, but the final result is a scene out of a Hollywood movie!

We know wedding planning can be tough & we are here for you! We hope to have given you some inspiration & appreciate you reading, check back weekly for more tips! Browse the tabs over to the left for photos of weddings & other events we’ve had the pleasure of assisting with, and be sure to give us a call or email if you have any questions about our services!

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