Bridal Shower Inspiration

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Your wedding is coming up, and it’s almost time for the bridal shower! With so many different options to celebrate the occasion, we’re here to highlight some unique ideas that will give the party a fun twist while honoring the tradition of celebrating the bride-to-be!

Never-ending Themes

One of our beautfiul hand crafted centerpieces!

Get creative & have fun with a theme! Make your day reflective of the things you love most, whether that’s a vividly colored 60’s retro theme, ice cream social, or a comfy outdoor movie night! There’s endless ways to add your personal touch & get friends excited, from DIY activites to booking entertainment, read on for other ways to get the party going!


NJ Wedding Pros very own treat buffet, looking sweet!

Bars don’t have to be strictly for serving drinks! You can also opt for a treat bar (pictured above), complete with all of your favorite sweets, or an ice cream bar to cool down with on the summer days coming up. Another cute idea is a flower bar, including your favorite blooms that guests can make beautiful take-home bouquets with. Whichever interactive favor bar you choose, it can make for an adorable display that will get guests talking & in the party mood!

Greenery Backdrop

Our own fully-customizable Greenery wall in action!

One of the most popular bridal shower essentials for pictures is a green wall backdrop! Aside from being a special event mainstay, the green wall is a great choice because of the many different ways you can customize it! Vibrant flowers & drapes can be added around the edges of the wall to give each picture a striking natural frame, in addition to personalized signs added for an overhead view (especially the light-up versions, perfect for a moody touch in darker settings.)

Wine Tasting Sommelier

Courtesy of Institute of Culinary Education

This idea is great for wine lovers! Having a wine tasting sommelier is another great ice breaker to get guests talking & possibly discover new favorites. This idea is great no matter the season, indoors or out! You can also include a charcuterie board to encourage more conversations on fine food, which will also compliment the wine tasting perfectly!

Game On!

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There’s plenty of fun ways to incorporate games to change up the mood of the party! One engaging idea could be a game of “guess how many…” Include a large glass see through jar filled with something like candy (Hershey kisses or marshmallows for example) & tests your guests to see who gets lucky! “Vow Mad Libs” is another favorite, using traditional vows with spaces for adjectives, nouns, and verbs. If your going for the retro 60’s theme, you may try to include a game like Newlywed Trivia, in the style of Jeopardy!- having couples competing & answering questions for points.

& Of Course, Dessert!

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You don’t have to settle for the traditional cake! Cup cakes, truffle & macaroon towers are all unique ideas that can be further personalized to reflect your taste. Painted cakes are also another option that will “wow” guests, you can add a quote or an eloquent design (like flowers) that will make for a remarkable & memorable display. Consider decorating your dessert selection to match the surrounding area, for another captivating & interesting idea.

Low-Key Get Together

Courtesy of The Spruce

If a big party isn’t your idea of a celebration, make it a small get together! Choose to have a simple margarita night, or a relaxing brunch by the Jersey Shore beach. This day is yours, so make sure to pick something that you’ll enjoy & your guests will be more than happy to do the rest!

Browse the tabs over to the left for more inspiring ideas and photos of our professional setups in action! Be sure to give us a call or email when you’re ready to discuss how we can help bring your dream event together!

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