Eco-Friendly Earth Day Ideas

Happy Earth Day from all of us at NJ Wedding Pros! We thank you for joining us in the celebration, and we would like to spread the cheer with some great eco-friendly wedding ideas! Weddings can be clean & green, read on for more ideas on how!

Environmentally Focused Venues

17 Green Wedding Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Celebration
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Look for a venue that has emphasizes on eco friendliness! Some venues may include this information in their initial planning with you, but it doesn’t hurt to ask about how the venue deals with their recycling, leftover food, & composting. Some events may even hold both ceremonies & receptions in the same place, that way you can cut down on the driving & emissions that go along with it. You may even consider booking a shuttle service for your guests, cutting out the amount of driving involved overall!

Renting Wedding Decor

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Renting wedding decor is a perfect way to practice eco-friendliness while saving money! Many event services (like us!) offer decor & rentals as a way for you to have some fun variety while not having to worry about clutter building up after the wedding! Check out our store in the tabs above to see our selection!

Candlelit Celebration

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A candlelit wedding is a beautiful & perfect way to set the mood for your special moment! This idea will make your day even more memorable, and nothing is more romantic than candlelight. On top of being incredibly eco-friendly by using natural light, this idea will make for incredible pictures!

However you choose to celebrate…..

Remember that each small step counts towards reducing our carbon footprint & keeping the earth clean! A clean environment is always a happy one! Get creative with your friends & neighbors & continue to keep up the good work! Thanks for reading & be sure to check our blog again next week for more fun & useful ideas for upcoming events!

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