There are a lot of steps from proposal to wedding day, and we are here to help you take the stress out of trying to figure out what exactly those are yourself. Here are our top 10 tips as you get ready to spend the rest of your life with your forever person.

1. Get Ready to Propose!
Planning the perfect proposal can be stressful and take time. Using an event planner can be especially helpful in this situation! NJ Wedding Pros specializes in event planning. Our staff has years of experience bringing the perfect proposal to life. It’s one of our most popular package options! Just give us a call or visit our “Get a Quote” tab at the top for more info. We’ll be happy to answer any questions & help you plan every step of the way!

2. Plan the Perfect Pictures…
One of the many services we offer, we recommend this especially due to our photographers
being talented professionals with years of experience. They are always ready to snap photos at the right moment! Your day will be captured in a special way so that when you look back on the photos,
you’ll have those fond memories & feelings to cherish for years to come!

3. Special Step for the Guests of the Bride to Be….
Since everyone will be asking to see the bride’s ring, we have included this step for friends &
family to help with celebratory pictures. Try treating the bride-to-be to a special day at the nail
salon but don’t get too excited, you don’t want her catching on just yet! You can try other
creative ways of preparing the bride for that special moment. She will surely remember your
thoughtful & fun ideas after the proposal falls into place!

4. Share the News with Loved Ones!
It’s official! You & your soulmate are ready to tie the knot! Call friends & loved ones and let them know the special news – the family is about to get a little bigger! For a fun way to break the news, we recommend getting creative by making t-shirts with the announcement, or even taking out
some space in the local newspaper (this will make for a great remembrance as clipping in a
scrapbook as well!). The engagement party is a given – make sure to make the event special
with everyone’s favorite drinks & toast to a fantastic time ahead!

5. Engagement Party
Your engagement party is obviously going to be a party for the ages. Some fun ideas to make
the occasion stand out can be a photo booth, games like ring toss (especially fun after a few
cocktails!) & bridal jeopardy! Drink wise, we recommend whatever is seasonal or a favorite among guests- but most importantly, just keep the drinks & food coming! Make sure to really go
all out with your friends & family for a day to remember!

6. Post on Social Media
Changing your relationship status on Facebook & posting Instagram selfies with your love is a
must! Show off your love & get everyone excited for the future! Have fun & be sure to show off
your wedding ring & new manicure, or get creative & take romantic pictures over dinner or at your favorite places together. It’s time to celebrate the both of you!

7. Plan for the Wedding!
After celebrating the good news, it’s time to start planning the wedding of your dreams! Our
other most popular service is of course, weddings! You can gather some ideas from various
wedding magazines, websites like Pinterest (create your own page to compile different pics for
inspiration) & ask friends about how they celebrated their weddings. You can get in contact with us for help as well, we are pros when it comes to planning after all! At NJ Wedding Pros, we have all of the perfect vendors for you, so you don’t need to shop around at multiple different companies. We can make your day much easier by taking that stress away. Just fill out a quote form or schedule a consultation with us to get started!

8. Set Up A Checklist
Set up a convenient checklist to keep track of the many & different things to-do leading up to the
big day. We know it can seem stressful to plan such a big event, but just checking off one or two
items can help you feel more prepared & confident that the day will go as planned. As a bonus, find a festive looking planner to save as part of your wedding scrap book!

9. What Kind of Wedding Are You Dreaming Of?
Is it a beautiful beach day at the Jersey Shore, or a cozy ceremony nestled in the scenic
greenery of the Garden State? The location planning is an extra special plan that requires
thinking about the season, location, and your other personal interests. Let the location be
somewhere special for you both, & keep in mind that we can also help you find the perfect
venue as part of our available packages.

10. Enjoy & Relax
What an amazing & special time in your life, congratulations! You and your partner deserve to
enjoy each other above all else, and your friends & family are there to help celebrate! We
understand how important this occasion is & we would love to be a part of your special day to
help plan perfectly. Getting a quote is easy. Just find the “Get A Quote” option in the tabs at the
top of our website, and we’ll be in contact shortly!

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