SPARKLE! Goes The Ring: Andres Pops the Question!

As a One Stop Wedding & Event Center, we helped Andres plan the perfect beach proposal for his now bride-to-be Maribel. We helped him set up on Spring Lake Beach at sunset with a bamboo arbor, candles, and a “Will You Marry Me” burlap sign. 

With just a few swipes, Andres was able to find the perfect wedding proposal package with us through Instagram! He came to us knowing exactly what he wanted to do, but just needed a little bit of help executing the big plan. We were happy to collab with our photographer and give him some beach location suggestions for the special moment.

Andres picked the perfect place to get down on one knee and say those magical 4 words “Will you marry me?” This plan was also dependent on the weather, so we had to keep a close eye on what day would be the best for this beachy proposal to happen!

We were able help Andres create the picture perfect moment with a bamboo arbor arch and a “Will You Marry Me” burlap sign set up in front of the beautiful blue ocean.

We helped create a more romantic scene with a set up of candles and hearts under the bamboo arch.

Maribel’s dream came true that day when Andres asked her that life changing question. Our photographer and videographer were able to capture this dream come true with our one of our special proposal packages!

Let us help you create your man’s dream come true too as he knows he is about to be your hubby one day! Just like weddings, everyone’s proposal story is different and we absolutely loved bringing this one from an idea to a real life moment.

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