Personalized Gift Ideas for Your Man!

While some of us don’t want to let go of summer, believe it or not, Christmas will be here soon. What does that mean? Gift shopping! We know you want to give your man something special, so why not get him a customized gift that he will love? If you don’t know where to begin, let us help.

First, think about what kind of guy he is – is he sentimental? Practical? Hobby-oriented? Starting with this might help guide you in the right direction in trying to find the perfect gift for him – but we’re sure he will love anything you get him, because it’s from you!

If he’s the sentimental type, why not create a scrapbook of your favorite memories? Scrapbooks are such a great keepsake. I know whenever I get a scrapbook, I think about how much time was put into the gift, and I really cherish that. Adding these personal and sentimental touches completely makes your gift unique. There will never be another like it again!

If he’s more practical, why not get him a travel mug? This mug can keep hot drinks hot for 24 hours, and cold drinks cold for 36 hours! That’s pretty amazing! I am an avid user of tumblers and mugs (and I even have my own personalized one from GroovyGuyGifts!) and don’t know what I would do without them! They are great to take everywhere: to work, to the beach, or to just use at home.

If he’s very much into a hobby, there are so many options out there for personalized gifts based on that! If he’s super into cars, this car vinyl clock is the perfect gift – and something you don’t see very often! Made out of a real vinyl record, this piece makes a bold statement wherever it might be placed. If he’s also a music enthusiast, that’s even better!

Here are over 50 more gift ideas you don’t want to miss!

Happy Shopping!

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