Behind the Scenes of Claire and Alan's Wedding on 9/28/19

Being able to decorate Claire and Alan’s Wedding was such an honor for the NJ Wedding Pros Team. From setting up the tables, to decorating the cake with sunflowers was so much fun! There couldn’t have been a better way to welcome the guests than with a board that had their names on it and the Welcome table with the sunflower themed pieces. 

I thought the theme of sunflowers in the wedding was AMAZING. Being in an area surrounded by trees, you would think that a sunflower wasn’t a big deal, but it was a touch that made this wedding even more beautiful. It stood out to me, and I’m sure it stood out to everyone else too. It also gave the cake a glow that wouldn’t have looked better in any other way. 

Being able to transform a piece of land with just benches, into a place for the newlyweds to walk down the aisle was an experience that I was really happy to be a part of. From the flowers on the stage in the front, to the runner down the aisle, I don’t think it could’ve been decorated any other way!

schooleys before

Decorating the tables was probably my favorite part. At first it was just a room with tables. By the end, it turned into a room filled with sunflowers where family and friends could gather and celebrate the special occasion of the newlyweds. With the centerpieces, the party favors, plates/utensils, and yellow napkins all on the tables, it changed this whole room into something so pretty. 

Every little detail in decorating this wedding was a lot of fun and I was a glad to be a part of it. I hope the couple and the guests liked the whole look of it as much as I did. After decorating this Sunflower themed wedding,  I would definitely consider doing something like that for myself. All in all, it was a pleasure for the NJ Wedding Pros team to decorate this wedding, and we hope the couple liked it!

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