All About Dad

Dads are always there for us. They make corny jokes, wear ridiculous outfits, and have some pretty embarrassing dance moves. Dads do have some good qualities though, they are handy, they will pick you up whenever wherever you are, and they let you borrow their car once you get that license. 

Dads do everything for us even though complain about they have to do everything for us. They are our superheros that don’t wear capes and don’t expect anything in return, or if you’re my dad a pack of beer is fine. 

Our father’s taught us to stand up in what we believe in, how to defend ourselves, and taught us how to survive. They gave us tough love, but that is the best kind of love. 

The moment a girl and her dad step onto that aisle, all of these emotions coming rushing to you. You both share a walk that is leading to a future filled with love, laughter, and memories. 

Even though it is your wedding day, your dad needs to feel special too. One way you can make your dad feel special is the classic father daughter dance. The father daughter dance is a special way to have the father show that he has accepted that his little girl is all grown up and has decided to leave the nest. 

The father daughter dance is a fun and loving moment between a bond that can never be broken. A fun song that the two of you can dance to is “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars. This is sentimental and upbeat. If you want a real tear jerker though, “I Loved Her First” by Heartland will have the two of you and your guests tearing up. 

The grooms are the men they have become because of their dads. Fathers shaped their sons into well mannered and well disciplined men that us girls fall in love with everyday. 

Dad’s want to heard on the wedding day. A toast is the best way for them to express their feelings and give gratitude to the bride and groom. This also gives closure to dad and lets him know that his little boy is now a man. 

So thank you dads for reminding us to change our oil in our cars, continuing with the corny dad jokes, and always fixing up our messes.

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