Plan Hard, Play Hard

Planning your wedding can be a stressful time, but your wedding day shouldn’t be stressful. Having games is a great way for you and your guests to enjoy the evening. Some people like to dance and other people like to sit on the side lines, but having some games at your party will let those non-dancers to have a good time too.

Groomsmen share a special bond. They are your boys and have stood by many milestones with you and now will stand with you at one of your biggest milestones. As weddings can also be stressful for the groom, relaxing and playing some games together can help remind the groom that he will always have his boys.

Photo Credit: Pinterest, weddingtopia

Playing games is a a great way for a growing family to bond. It creates friendly competition and many memories. The bride and groom can play games with each other during the reception that lets them let loosen up and have their new family members get to know them better.

A fun activity the newlyweds can play is “Who Is More Likely to Do This.” They sit in chairs in the middle of the dance floor surrounded by their loved ones and each have his and her shoes and a friend or family member reads a list with questions like “who is more likely to snore?” or “who is more likely to hog the blanket?” Then the couple raises whose shoe would most likely fit that answer.

Photo Credit: Pinterest, weddingtopia

Not big into dancing or have some kiddies at the wedding? Having a deck of UNO or regular playing cards is a great way to have your guests bonding and keeping the little ones in your sights for a little bit. These games will have your non-dancing friends still enjoy their nights as they sit and relax at the tables and make some new friends. 

Grab your teammates and make some memories!

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