The Importance of a Wedding Coordinator

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life! Since it’s such a special occasion, don’t you want everything to be perfect? A wedding coordinator can make that happen! Having a wedding coordinator is so important because they will focus on every single detail, so you can have a stress-free, dream-come-true day! At NJ Wedding Pros, we are new-age wedding planners; we take care of EVERYTHING!

Here are 5 reasons why you should say “I Do” to hiring a wedding coordinator!


1. "Time is Money"... and wedding coordinators can help you save both!

Like most of us, you’re probably pretty busy! Don’t let wedding planning weigh down your already packed schedule – that’s where a wedding coordinator can help. Their job is pretty self explanatory: to assist you in planning your wedding! Rather than making time to plan every small detail, a wedding coordinator will take care of it all for you, saving you a lot of time! Contrary to what you might think, wedding coordinators can also help save you money. They can help you make (and stick to) a budget and make the most sensible investments for the big day – since small purchases can quickly add up. Booking multiple vendors through the wedding coordinator can also be less expensive than booking each one separately on your own (see #4 – their relationships can even get you discounts)!

2. Enjoy a stress-free engagement (and wedding day)!

Planning a wedding requires a lot more than most people expect. With such a long itinerary and the high expectations to plan the best day of your life, you’re bound to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Since wedding coordinators take care of this itinerary and do everything in their power to make sure your expectations are met, you can rest assured that your wedding day is in good hands! Rather than feeling stressed, the time leading up to your wedding can be relaxing and exciting, as can your wedding day! There is no reason to be stressed on the big day because the wedding coordinator is there to take care of everything, so you can enjoy each moment. 

3. Expertise and knowledge

Just like a doctor is an expert in medicine and an accountant is an expert in finances, a wedding coordinator is an expert in (you guessed it!) planning weddings! Even if you have been planning your wedding since you were a little girl, chances are a wedding coordinator will be able to provide you with endless information. You can consider them like an in-person Pinterest page, since they can help you with EVERYTHING! Wedding coordinators can make all your dreams a reality, since they truly are wedding professionals (hence our name – NJ Wedding Pros!!!)!

4. Connections, Connections, Connections!

Wedding coordinators work with many professionals in the wedding industry, so they have a wide range of connections with vendors that you might be looking for! Trying to find the best photographer, DJ, or florist (among many other vendors), can be overwhelming, so your wedding coordinator will definitely be able to help and connect you with the best fit! You can be guaranteed that your wedding coordinator will only use vendors that are trustworthy and reliable, since they likely do repeat business with them. Additionally, they can potentially negotiate with the vendors they have good relationships with to get you the best price possible!

5. Day of Coordination!

Maybe you managed to plan your wedding entirely on your own, or maybe you had your very own superhero (aka your wedding coordinator) help you along the way. Regardless, having a wedding coordinator on-site with you on your wedding day is so important! They can make sure everything goes according to plan and if something needs to be fixed or altered, they can take care of it in an instant. They will pay attention to every small detail, to ensure that everything looks and runs smoothly. They will do everything in their power to make sure the day is as close to perfect as possible…which is the end goal, right? Having a wedding coordinator by your side on the day of your wedding will allow you to enjoy every moment of the special day and celebrate the start of a long, happy marriage! 

Want to start planning today?! NJ Wedding Pros, your one stop shop for wedding planning, is here to help! 

We can’t wait to assist you in planning the best day of your life!

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