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Bachelorette and bridal party favors are a great way to kick off the fun, whether you are going on a trip or staying local! It’s a great way to show your gratitude towards your bridesmaids and make everyone more excited for your upcoming wedding! Below are some ideas as well as links to items that are perfect favors for those special people in your life! 

  1. Matching PJ Sets!

If you’re hosting an overnight bachelorette party, one of the best favors you can give is a Pajama set. They can be customized or picked out specifically based on personality and style for your bridal party! The best thing about these is that the PJ sets will be worn over and over again, and a reminder of your fun weekend!

$10+ Custom Pair 

$45 Pair 

$75 Pair 

$45 Pair. Photo Credit: Uncommon Goods

  1. A Koozie 

This can be customizable as well! Instead of customizing it with your bridal parties names, maybe do a hashtag or something that can relate to you and your wedding!


More Koozies! 

  1. A disposable camera!

The absolute best way to capture memories on a trip like this would be a disposable camera. In a few weeks, it will be so fun looking back on the pictures once they are developed!

$27 Camera

$17 Camera (On Sale)

  1. A Survival Kit!  

It’s so easy to forget a toothbrush or some advil when you’re packing for a trip. Make sure everyone has the necessities with a survival kit and if you don’t want to buy one, these would be super fun to make!

This Survival Kit Is Adorable 

  1. Cosmetics Bags!

These will come in handy on the big day and many more to come! 

Custom Makeup Bags, $10+

Gingham Bag, $15  

Photo Credit: “LoveSendingGifts” Etsy Shop
  1. Trucker Hats!

These can be adorable for when you all go out together!

“Margs.” Trucker Hat 

“818” Custom Trucker Hat

  1. Mini Travel Jewelry Box

This is a wonderful gift that becomes super useful both leading up to your wedding and after.  Mini Jewelry Box   

8. Flasks!

These are cute & perfect to give them!

Hand Drawn Faces Flask

Photo Credit: “ToonedUpGifts” Etsy Shop

9. A Cute Car Air Freshener 

The ones listed are adorable. This is not a necessity but no one likes to buy themselves one, so why not give a cute one? You can even do one that’s similar to your wedding color scheme or something custom! 

“Good Energy” Air Freshener

10. A framed picture of you and the bridesmaid!

This is a great way to say “thank you” for being a part of my wedding. You can even write a small note on the back!


The ones linked are from amazon and I can attest that they are amazing! These are great & reusable!


12.) Sunglasses!

        Sunglasses are great to have extras of and you never know when you might lose your    pair. With that, it’s a great thing to add as a favor!

Sunglasses, 2 Pack 

13.) An Ornament!

These are a great gesture because there are so many different types of Christmas ornaments you can choose from, where it’s detailed, wedding related, destination related, or just something simple, an ornament will remind them yearly of your trip/time and they will always be able to cherish it! It Doesn’t matter what season your wedding falls in, the ornament will still be used!

Nashville Ornament  

There’s so many more ideas like makeup, lotions, food, beverages, knick knacks etc! It’s important to pick things and spend your money on things you know you and your bridal party will enjoy! Putting together these bags can be so fun and you can get so creative with the endless amounts of custom options. We hope you enjoy and have a wonderful bachelorette trip! 

XOXO, Leah

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