Everyone knows flowers are a popular method of decorating whether you’re designing your dream backyard, perfect wedding, or even adding the final touches to your bedroom. They brighten up a room and they smell good, too. But at NJ Wedding Pros we believe flowers should go beyond their cliches as wedding centerpieces or Valentine’s Day gifts. We believe flowers are an essential addition to every event, and here’s why.

  1. Flowers Make Guests Feel More Welcomed
    The simple placement of flowers at the entrance of your event has to be the easiest and most beautiful way to invite your guests inside for any occasion. There is a reason why many businesses have large arrangements awaiting their guests at their front doors. Approaching your venue, guests will feel excited about what is to come and welcomed by the clear effort you have put in for them.
  2. Flowers Can Bring Out All the Right Emotions
    Flowers are more than just pretty to look at. They are also proven to actually invoke certain feelings and emotions from those around them. Research states that a floral arrangement can trigger happiness, excitement and delight in humans. Depending on the arrangement chosen, you can correlate your guest’s emotions with the event’s vibe.
  3. Flowers Can Transform Any Room
    Whether your event is occurring in your corporate office or a fancy hotel, flowers have the ability to transform that space into your wildest, Pinterest worthy dreams. Due to their large variety of shape, size, color, and type of flower, there are almost endless ways to transform your venue. Even two events using the same kinds of flowers may receive different results based on the arrangement. Flowers are a fun and simple way to play around with your venue, no matter the event.
  4. The Scent of Flowers is Unmatched
    Flowers don’t just look good, they smell good, too. There is no better way to improve the scent of your event than the natural smell of whatever arrangement you have chosen. The genuine scent of your chosen flowers is guaranteed to be better than any chemical air freshener. Plus, studies have shown that certain flower’s scents can even be therapeutic for humans by promoting happiness, relieving stress and boosting self-esteem. You can’t ask for much more than that.
  5. The Possibilities Are Endless
    Flowers have the unique ability to fit into any venue, theme or occasion. As mentioned before, there are so many different varieties of floral arrangements that the decorative possibilities are quite literally endless. From small bouquet centerpieces to a large floral arch, no matter the budget or event, flowers can be easily integrated into your next event, and they definitely should be.

If you have an upcoming event and weren’t planning on including flowers, we hope you have been convinced. Flowers are the easiest way to ensure any occasion is beautiful, welcoming and decorated to its maximum potential. Your venue, your guests and your nose will thank you later.

XOXO, Nicole
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