Eight Must-Haves to Include at Your Summer Wedding
To Improve Both Yours and Your Guest’s Day

After months, or even years, of planning, the summer of your perfect wedding is almost here. There is almost nothing more beautiful or picture-perfect than a summer wedding under a clear blue sky and nature in bloom. Choosing the summer date, although a large task, was only the beginning of planning your day. Over time though, all of your designs and arrangements begin to become a reality. Before the day ultimately arrives, we at NJ Wedding Pros want to ensure you have thought of every last detail to make your summer wedding successful and a day neither you nor your guests will ever forget. Whether it is protecting your guests from the sun or keeping them hydrated throughout the event, we have you covered with eight essentials for any summer wedding.

1. Location, Location, Location

Of course summer is the season to embrace the outdoors and all of its beauty. Whether your perfect venue is in the mountains or down the shore, we find it important to integrate a good balance between the sun and the shade. Many venues include built in shading, such as an overhang or an awning. If your

venue doesn’t offer this, it is simple enough to bring it yourself. Whether it is a series of umbrellas or tents, there are plenty of ways to offer your guests shade when they need a break from the sun.

2. Hydration Station

Everyone knows it is important to stay hydrated when you’re spending long periods of time in the hot sun but, in the chaos and excitement of a wedding, it is easy to forget. To allow guests to serve themselves drinks whenever they need, provide a station of drinks that is easily accessible, whether it is water, lemonade or even a signature cocktail.

3. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is another necessity on a sunny day that we find guests seem to forget about. When you are dressing up for a wedding and not dressing down for the beach, sunscreen may very well slip your guest’s minds. Providing sunscreen throughout the day, whether it is on display or in the restroom, is a great way to show your guests you are thinking about their needs and they will thank you for it later!

4. Bug Spray

Another major must-have in the summer is bug spray. We all know there is nothing worse than being swarmed by mosquitos when you are just trying to enjoy the beautiful weather. Thankfully, a simple spray of any bug repellent will keep you and your guests happy and free of pesky bugs. We promise your guests will be grateful.

5. Fans

Unfortunately, some summer weddings can become unbearably hot, even in the shade. One way to avoid this and please your guests is to take advantage of fans wherever you can. Like shading, many venues may include fans built-in. If they do not, it is easy enough to contact your wedding planner and ask them about the possibility of renting fans.

6. A Later Start

An obvious way of beating the hot sun is getting a later start to your wedding. Rather than beginning in the early afternoon when the sun is at its peak, it is worth considering starting your ceremony just before

sunset and holding your reception in the evening. Not only will the pictures at sunset be gorgeous, but you and your guests will be able to enjoy the beautiful weather without overheating.

7. A Freshen Up Station

After spending time and sometimes even money to perfect your wedding look, no one wants to see it sweating or melting off just hours later. Providing guests with an opportunity to touch up their hair, makeup or hygiene will be a hit and something everyone can appreciate. There are plenty of items you can include at a low cost, including deodorant, perfume, a hair brush, setting powder or anything else you think may be helpful in keeping your guests fresh and happy.

8. Games

Another advantage of a summer wedding is the space that an outdoor venue offers. This provides a unique opportunity to have games set out for your guests to either keep them busy or make fun memories that they’ll associate with your wedding forever. There are plenty of affordable outdoor lawn games you can either bring yourself or rent to entertain your guests from cornhole to Jenga to a ring toss.

With these simple, but game-changing additions to your wedding, we are confident you are setting yourself and your day up for success. Hosting a summer wedding may come with a few extra details to make it perfect, but luckily the amazing weather and beautiful scenery makes it all worth it. Here at NJ Wedding Pros, we hope these eight summer wedding must-haves have provided you with more guidance for your special day.

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