We had the most wonderful family fun day at Holland Ridge Farms in Cream Ridge, NJ! The moment we arrived, we were greeted by a sea of vibrant tulips stretching out as far as the eye could see. It was a truly stunning sight! We hopped on a tractor ride that took us through the farm to the other side of the park where we found an animal park and pony rides, perfect for the little ones.

There were also tons of colorful and creative displays for photo opportunities, and we couldn’t resist stopping for a few snaps. The kids were having an absolute blast frolicking through the tulips, and we loved watching them play and explore. We even treated ourselves to some delicious treats from the bakery and food trucks on site – everything was so tasty!

After lunch, I decided to go on a little adventure and pick my own tulips. It was so much fun searching for the perfect blooms, and I loved learning about the history of the farm. It was amazing to see how the family had grown and sold beautiful plants to local businesses over the years. I was truly grateful that they opened up their farm to the public so that we could all enjoy the natural beauty of the tulips.

Supporting local farms and small businesses is so important, and we were happy to do our part. Spending the day with family was such a treat, and we all left with cherished memories and stunning photos. I even thought to myself, what a perfect spot this would be for a surprise proposal or a special birthday celebration!

As we left, we stopped by the flower stand to pay for our beautiful bouquet of tulips that we picked, each one more stunning than the last. It was the perfect end to a perfect day. We’ll definitely be back next season to see the sunflowers!

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